Implant with peyronie-fibrosis

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Implant with peyronie-fibrosis

Postby torless50 » Tue Apr 18, 2017 12:19 pm

I asked this in other forum but I will ask it here too in order to get more opinions:

I am thinking I have two plaques and a new plaque developing now in my penis and I got this problem two years ago (peyronie,fibrosis) with the time the things are going worse even I am using the treatments recommended. As everything is going to worse I can see as my penis is getting smaller, horuglassing is forming and increasingly, i have a letf curve (about 20 degrees) and I also have ED. Then I am valuing the implant and I have a questions:

1-If I get an implant now, will hourglassing, fibrosis be eliminated or they will continue developing even with the implant and will they affect it?
2- My condition with the implant will be corrected? is possible that the curve continue developing and bend my implant?
3-How the doctors straighten your penis in order to put an implant in the operation? Is similar to grafting,nesbit? Will I lose size? (I mean apart of the possible lost which can happen with a implant in a penis without peyronie)

I told all this because as I have bad ED, and my penis is getting smaller I think I must act soon, now, I dont want a tiny penis when I have to go for the implant which I am almost sure is my real and unique option
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Re: Implant with peyronie-fibrosis

Postby ED2013 » Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:57 pm

In your situation, with peyronies and ed, you are on the right track to consider an implant. I highly recommend consulting a top surgeon.
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Re: Implant with peyronie-fibrosis

Postby Bionic_by_AMS » Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:19 am

As ED2013 consult with a specialist ... not just a Implant surgeon but one that is experienced in Peyronies (fibrous scar tissue).

But first you have to make sure you are covered by Insurance ... for the Implant, and are covered for the extra time it takes for the removal (modeling) of any scar tissue. Yes these things are separate ... let's say it takes an extra hour for scar tissue removal. That's quite an expense considering Hospital time and costs.

Yes an Implant will straighten out your curve ... when pumped up. Now you don't lose size from the Implant itself ... but rather from the scar tissue, because it doesn't allow stretching (too painful). So you end up with a Implant designed especially for Peyronies. Either a Titan or AMS CX ... these models only allow for girth expansion (not length).

I strongly recommend you go to YouTube and search for "penile implants" and watch several of the operations.
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