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Welcome to, an online community of guys who are fighting ED. Here you will find ideas, hints and techniques and some of the latest research news. But most of all, you will find a place to talk to other guys about their journey and how they are beating ED - physically, mentally and emotionally.

A New Partner

It is with great pleasure and deep gratitude, that the Erectile Dysfunction Foundation annouces that Reflexonic, the maker of Viberect, has agreed to donate a portion of its sales to the ED Foundation for its continued work in educating and supporting men with Erectile Dysfunction. Reflexonic ( is the medical device company that created the […]

Researchers have discovered that ED is a stronger indicator of heart disease than the traditional red flags such as family history, cholesterol levels or blood pressure. Bottom line, if you have ED and you aren't really sure what caused it, go straight to your doctor and get a complete check up. And TELL HIM about your ED. Not all doctors remember to ask. Just say something like: "Doc, can't figure out what my problem in the bedroom is these days. Think I might have something more to worry about than just getting it up?" Say it three times and call him in the morning.


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