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Postby alibaba » Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:28 pm

Before the prostatectomy I had as my wife told Dr. Kramer ( and I was shocked she used those words) "a big fucking dick". I lost a lot of size. My wife's first words after the prostatectomy were "I can't believe it can be so small". Condoms large enough were very hard to find. 9" was not the problem but the girth. I ordered them from a company in California. Large store brand were so tight to be painful. I gave my supply to a big dicked friend.
LGX 21cm installed by Milam 01/13/16. Horror story; both service and surgical outcome. All issues relate to infrapubic installation. Replaced by Dr. Kramer on 03/01/17. 22cm Titan +1.5cm tip extender. Very pleasant experience! Problems fixed :D

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