Lost size in 2017 from not injecting. Help with penis rehab

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Lost size in 2017 from not injecting. Help with penis rehab

Postby thunderball » Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:12 pm

Long story short had a stressful year in 2017. Killed libido. I did not use my penis much at all, and only recall injecting a couple times. No night wood, no full erections.

I lost length and some girth. I was 7.25” bone pressed and 5.2” midshaft. Currently right under 7” long and right under 5” midshaft.

I also developed an indentation in my shaft, it is about a quarter inch wide about 2 inches up from my base. It looks like I left a cock ring on there for a year, but of course I didn’t.

I talked to my uro about this and he said pull out the cockpump and try to pump up every day, just enough to fill with blood and stretch out the length.

I haven’t been able to pump everyday but have seen some progress already as that indentation is less noticeable.

He also said start injecting again, up to three times a week.

I just got a new vial of tri-mix a couple weeks ago so am still trying to figure out the dose. I started at 18 units on insulin syringe. I have worked up to 30, which is giving me a full erection that’s good for an hour or so but still needs constant stimulation or it will flag.


I am working to put together a protocol to get my cock back.

In addition to what the uro told me I am going to incorporate some penis enlargement exercises like manual stretching.

I must say I am also inspired by shipper’s thread where he told us he has gotten thicker from consistent Trimix use.

Shaft Much Thicker

I’ll lay out what I’m thinking about re protocol a little later. Looking for feedback on it, you guys are so knowledgeable.

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