Started Injection Therapy -- Not Working

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Re: Started Injection Therapy -- Not Working

Postby Pabowhunter » Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:49 am

Try using a 31G 5/16 syringe push it in till it hits the plastic hub... As Bldoink mentioned if you feel resistance "It should move fluid like" when pushing in the plunger to inject the medication , push the needle in a little deeper and try again , gently push plunger again and it should move almost effortlessly thats when you know you are in the CC.. It almost feels like once u are in the spongy tissue of the CC it creates a vacuum effect on the syringe .. I also notice each and every time once I withdraw the syringe and I push the plunger again I get a brownish colored blood drop to come out the syringe .. This also seems to confirm I hit my mark successfully.. I got to give credit to Bldoink for the information in his video on the" resistance " pushing the plunger, as his theory on that seems credible.. I'm @ 10 successful injections not a single miss and only a little over a month since starting Trimix using this method ..

I know I'm new to all this myself but in my mind it doesn't seem to make much sense to use a 1/2 needle if you have to judge how deep to insert it. I mean , insert it too shallow it's a miss .. Insert it to deep it's also a miss and possibly puncture urethra.. Unless u got a "Radiator hose " thick semi flaccid penis I don't see the value in a 1/2" needle.. My opinion isn't worth much , but I'd be willing to bet 75 80% of us prick stickers that are using syringes would have more successful injections and next to no risk of puncturing the urethra " I don't know about u guys but blood running out my piss hole, would put a damper on my evening of pleasure" using the 5/16" over the 1/2" needle..

Once again just my 2¢

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Re: Started Injection Therapy -- Not Working

Postby prostate46 » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:01 pm

Thanks to everyone who has replied. Your information has given me more hope and lots of things to consider.

Status update -- I'm pretty sure issue is operator error (as most of you suggested).
I must not be a fast learner even though I got it right the first time in doctor's office.

Tried again last night -- upped to 60 units (thinking issue might be not enough juice -- used 30 once and 40 other 2 times). Again, no luck. I did try the aspirating and changed places with needle couple times until got some blood in syringe.

In all the failed attempts I am getting thick at the base and nothing else.

Thought more about bldoink's video and decided would try again this morning going back to smaller dose that originally worked (especially since I had tried last evening), but try using 10 or 2 o'clock instead of 3 or 9 o'clock. I also moved a little farther out from the base. SUCCESS!

I think I am missing the cc using the 3/9 position advised by my doctor. We will see what happens in a couple of days when I try again.
I better stick in the 20 unit range though, until I get this consistently working, based on results.
Doc had recommended I up to 40 units at my training session, but think I will be a bit less aggressive since 20 units seems to work when I get it right.
The little guy was very happy for 1.5 hours with that amount which is plenty long enough.
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Re: Started Injection Therapy -- Not Working

Postby bldoink » Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:24 pm

Fantastic! You'll get better at it and be a pro in no time.
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