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NEW to board

Postby arlorider » Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:43 pm

I'm 50 and live in Arkansas have Peyronies and v leak looking to get a implant soon , looking for a doctor that is experienced near me . glad this sight is here , if for nothing else but to talk to people who are going through what I am ,or has been through it

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Re: NEW to board

Postby Greg1956 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:02 pm

Welcome. You came to the right place. Many of us have been in the same situation as you. I had ED for 30 years and have had my implant almost 5 months. I think you will appreciate the sense of camaraderie here. Guys are very open and willing to share info. Let me know if I can help answer any questions.

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I am 61. Began having ED at age 30 and tried everything. Implanted by Dr. Ronald Anglade in Atlanta on September 18, 2017. I received an AMS LGX 18cm with 3cm RTE via a Penoscrotal incision. Thrilled with my results. Willing to Show & Tell.

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Re: NEW to board

Postby newbie443 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:03 pm

Welcome. I am not far ahead of you on this. I am waiting to get scheduled for surgery. If you'd like to talk just let me know. This is a great place for those of us with ED. The people on this site are the best I have found anywhere.
Injections failed. Implant surgery scheduled 3-21-18. 60 years young

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Re: NEW to board

Postby arlorider » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:07 pm

Thanks to all who have replied so far means a lot to me

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Re: NEW to board

Postby antelope » Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:19 pm

For what it's worth, my uncle solved his Peyronie's problem with an implant at age 75 and is still going strong almost 15 years later. Not too shabby, eh?
Born 1948, married 1969. BPH & Type II Diabetes at age 35. TURP-2002; Some ED even before that. Cardiac valve surgery-2007. ED from diabetes. Poor results with pills. Started trimix injections in Nov, 2010. Great results from the very beginning.

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Re: NEW to board

Postby guytalk2018 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:15 pm

hi from Nevada. mid 60s here. ED After rad. Prost. Vesicles invaded a little. 04/2016. Otherwise pretty healthy here. PSA still zero. ALLS OK . no incontinence really. A little drip every once awhile. Not an issue. ED IS!! Good luck to all of ya!!!
mid 60s generally healthy, da vinci RP in 2016, psa 0 8-)

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