Just feels different - that change ?

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Re: Just feels different - that change ?

Postby TitanGuy » Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:15 am

craig45nj wrote:
The feel of my shaft feels different. Like a hose. Does this go away ? Also flaccid it seems hard ??

Will it get / feel more natural ? Really want it to be that way —

Congrats on the surgery. Hope recovery still going well. I recently provided a long update on my experience if you feel like clicking about to find it. The hose feeling if you squeeze when flaccid won't go away but you'll stop noticing it. You'll deflate more over time, but mine is still a bit of a mild semi looking even deflated.
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Re: Just feels different - that change ?

Postby George03 » Wed Jul 03, 2019 3:27 pm

Lost Sheep wrote:
George03 wrote: I had a session with one of my nymphos a couple of weeks ago, I was very happy with the implant. Did anal this time, it was a little uncomfortable getting in, should have used lube.

George, PLEASE, PLEASE use lube for anal. Plenty of it. All the instructions I have read of how to make anal enjoyable for the recipient is to ensure good lubrication. Also, go slow. Shallow strokes at first to distribute the lube into the canal before taking (gradually) longer strokes until you can go full depth (and even then, full depth might be avoided, depending on capacity).

I do not suggest that you are an inconsiderate lover. I suspect that since she was a "nympho", as you put it, she was more enthusiastic about the experience than most women would be, and she might have been even more enthusiastic WITH lube unless she is into a "little" pain.

I addressed this to you, but my real audience is anyone who reads your post and infers that lube is optional. It was a "little uncomfortable getting in". I assure you, if it was a little for you, it was a LOT for her.

Lol, I didn't suggest the anal and she doesn't care. Pre implant, same story. But now with the implant, I will definitely use it next time
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