How long is icing actually effective?

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How long is icing actually effective?

Postby crobin1 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:13 pm

I am 18/19 days post op. Swelling in my scrotum feel like tissue mass as apposed to any kind of fluid retention. I can feel the outline of the bulb, the right side of the deflation block, the deflation button, and a vague corner of the left side. I think I can feel the tubes going into the deflation block.

I cant get my fingers on the other side of the pump to squeeze either the bulb or deflation button so I am thinking I need to wait until swelling recedes more.

I am taking a hot bath in the morning and before bed (that is where I am self examining) and ice bags several times a day which both feel good.

Medically speaking...does anyone know if the icing is still effective for swelling 20 days out? (I cant take inflammatory medications.)
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