Got an appointment with a doctor. How should I prepare ??

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Got an appointment with a doctor. How should I prepare ??

Postby garry101 » Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:33 am

So, I am in Canada and I got an appointment with a doctor for my ED issues. My doctor is Dr Grober in Toronto. Keep in mind this is Canada and things are rather slow here. Appointment is in a month.

I am going to tell the doctor about my ED issues and how I have never been able to get it or keep it up with a woman. With Pills I can get a 6/10 erection but that fades away in seconds. I used the injections once and they didn't workout, caused so much pain and soreness. I am young and not having sex and feeling depressed.

Guys I would like to get some ides about how I should approach the conversation. He might try to tell me that I am not ready for the surgery and I should go try pills and injections again. So I need to be able to convince him to get me a surgery.
24 years old Canadian. Suffering from ED for 2 years due to a slight injury. Looking to get an implant next year. Can't wait!!! :| :roll:

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