My personal experience with pumps

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My personal experience with pumps

Postby rdpugh » Wed Mar 24, 2010 7:18 am

This message is rather long, but please read through it carefully as I hope to give some good advice on using pumps to treat ED.

I know most men have difficulty using Vacuum Erection Devices, aka VEDs, aka penis pumps, as treatment for ED. I know several guys here have them, but have not had much luck using them and have gone on to try other treatment methods that were successful for them, which is good. My feeling though is if you have a pump, you have spent the money on it, so lets see what we can do to get it to work for you. It is good to have a back up plan for your current treatment option, just in case for some reason the pill doesn't work tonight or you just don't feel like putting up with the muscle ache and stuffy head for a day or so most of the oral meds cause. It is even better to have multiple back up plans. I don't have too many back up plans for myself. Because of venous leakage, the pump is about the only thing that is working for me. This is going to be rather long, but has lots of information about my first hand experience using Vacuum Erection Therapy, penis pumps, to treat my ED. Remember this is my experience, your results may vary, but hopefully this information will help others be successful at using their pumps. Oh, by the way, I am not in any way affiliated with Rejoyn or any other VED company, but this is about my personal experience and the VED I have and use is a Rejoyn.

I am 33, soon to be 34, years old, married for almost 8 years, and have ED. I started having some ED problems since late 2000 when I was 23-24 years old, but the ED has increased over the last few years. I have high blood pressure and type II diabetes. Though I have lost weight, I still have a ways to go before getting to my ideal weight. My blood pressure and sugar levels are under control and normal now through medicine, though the damage has already been done. My problem started out as losing the erection during intercourse. Now when I do get an erection, it "deflates" quickly. I might get an erection, but by the time we get in position, the erection is gone. I no longer wake up with erections of a morning nor do I get spontaneous erections throughout the day. Another problem is when I do get an erection, it is not hard enough for penetration. Most of my symptoms pretty much point to venous leakage. I have not had the official diagnoses, but at this point I don't really see the need to be officially told that I have venous leakage. Due to concerns with side effects and some past freak atrial fib. episodes with my heart, I was apprehensive about taking Viagra and others. The cardiologist does not know what really caused the a. fib. episodes, but various tests show that there are no problems. Something just caused the electrical system to go out of whack. Because of this I decided to look at what other treatment options were available for ED. I knew pumps were used in ED treatment, but the only ones I knew about where the ones in the sex stores. While researching, I came across some information about the medical grade pumps and that you can now order them without a prescription. One site I found really recommended the Rejoyn system, so I decided to give it a try.

I ordered the pump with rush, 1-2 day delivery. When I got it, I immediately read all the material and watched the video that came with it. Later that day, I tried it out, and found out much to my dismay that none of the four support rings that came with it provided enough constriction for me. Now my wife has said that I am blessed with girth. After re-reading some material and more searching, I have found that no matter what size you are, some men may need more constriction than others to maintain an erection. I then ordered, and had rush shipped (I'm impatient), some more rings in the next sizes down. Rejoyn only offers two more sizes down than the smallest ring that comes with the pump. Using the smallest support ring they offer, a thick gel ring 4/16" inner diameter, I can get an erection again. This information was not found on the "instructional video".

Using a VED is not that difficult, fairly easy in fact, but it takes some experimenting and maybe a trick or two. I have found for me that the pump works best without the gasket between the body and the pump. The video says that you can use it that way. I have also shaved my pubic area for a better seal. You need to experiment with different size rings to find out what works best for you. I have found that I get the best erection using two of the smallest rings that Rejoyn offers together. The second ring I use is a 5/16" inner diameter ring. As stated before, none of the rings that came with the pump worked for me. Your results may vary. Start off using one ring, then try two. Try using two of slightly different sizes. Just keep experimenting until you find what works for you and is comfortable. You may also find that through use, the ring you use may also change, or it might not. Be sure to use plenty of water based gel lube, such as KY or Astroglide (personally I prefer Astroglide) and have backups of the rings that work for you. The most important part of using a pump is experimenting with it.

Another thing, go slow with the pumping. These devices work by changing the air pressure around the penis, which will draw blood in to it. By taking a few seconds or so between pumps, you will give the blood time to fill your penis. Also what works for me to give my best erections, is to pump up a little bit and release, and do this a couple of times. Once I get half way erect, I will release some of the vacuum, and pump up a little more. Gradually pumping up. Do this especially if this is the first few times you are using your pump, or using your pump again after a long break from it. Then I can pump up for a nice full erection and slip the first ring off the tube. Once the first ring is off the tube, I give it a couple of more pumps to help give a boost, and then slip the second ring off the tube, since I use two rings. Then I give it a final couple of more pumps and release the vacuum. This produces in my wife's opinion, and mine, a nice full thick erection. The purpose of the rings is to restrict the blood flow back out so that you will not lose your erection. When pumping, it should not hurt. If your penis hurts, it means you are pumping too fast. Release the vacuum and go slower. If you have swelling later, it means you pumped too fast and hard. Let the swelling leave before using the pump again. DO NOT LEAVE THE RINGS ON LONGER THAN 30 MINUTES!!

When you first get the VED, don't plan on having sex for the first few times using it. Use that time to experiment and find out what works, and to get used to it. I use the device twice a day, whether we have intercourse or not. A healthy penis is one that fully fills with blood regularly.

Some cons I have heard about VED is the "hinge effect" and spontaneity.
From what I have heard, most men cannot ejaculate past the constriction rings. I have not had that problem, but I am also 33 years old and most man I have talked to who use a pump are older. One manufacturer, Osbon, has a ring that is supposed to help with this, though I have not tried it. I have plans for the near future to try their rings. The "hinge effect" or erect penis that is floppy at the base is because the part of the penis outside the body is erect, but the part inside isn't. This has not bothered my wife and me. We can have sex again. We just have to use a bit of water based lube. Our usually position is doggie, and we have not had any problem with that. As for spontaneity, we did not have any spontaneity to begin with because we couldn't have intercourse. It only takes a couple of minutes at the most to place the support rings on the tube, and lube the tube and yourself up. What we do is get the pump ready and then have foreplay. When we are ready for penetration, as part of foreplay the wife will lube me, and then I pump up. After learning to use the device, it only takes me a minute or less to get an erection. We can now have intercourse, and even if I ejaculate early, we can still have sex for a full 30 minutes. As you use the device more, you will figure out tricks and methods to make the prep work happen quicker. One thing that is made is a loading device to help slip the rings over the loading cone and onto the tube. It is made for those with arthritis who cannot put the rings over the loading cone and onto the tube themselves. I have also seen a device to help slip the rings off the tube and onto the penis from I have not used either yet, but they look like they would work. Also USAMedEquip has a foam sleeve that is used in conjunction with the pump. It is advertised as helping to alleviate the "hinge effect", and also some of the discomfort that some experience from the rings and help make removal of the rings easier after sex. Again I have not tried these yet, but I hope to be ordering one soon to give it a test.

Pros: VEDs should work for most people with ED, either physical or psychological from what I have read. It works for me, that I do know. This method is very non-invasive. As long as you don't pump too fast, nor leave the rings on too long, there are hardly any side effects, and there are no needles to stick a sensitive part with. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, with the rings you can still keep going for up to 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, you have to remove the rings. The manual says an hour later you can pump up again and go right back to it. And yes, I have done it. By the end of the day of that trial, my penis was just as hard as it was in the morning and pumped up just as quick as the first time that day. I think we had sex at least five times that day. Full firm erections are another pro. Another pro that the wife and I are experiencing is some increase in girth and length when erect. As mentioned ealier, I am already blessed with girth to begin with. The wife is very happy with it. I do want to state that the VED pumps do not say they are penis enlargers and should not be confused with those that say "Increase your penis size, get a bigger penis" ones. Many people though do report some increase in size. Most likely what they are seeing is a return to their size before ED hit. ED will cause shrinkage because no blood is filling your penis and, well, if you don't use it, you will lose it. I have had shrinkage due to ED, but through the use of the pump I have regained some of my normal flaccid length back. Of course with the use of the pump I am back to my pre-ED erect size so my late teens and early 20's Also after almost two years of use, I have started getting my morning erections back.
Even though I did go out on my own to find an ED treatment, I eventually did talk to my doctor about my ED problem. I told her I was using a VED to treat and was having good luck with it. She said she would like to see how I would do on some of the oral meds and sent me to my cardiologist to make sure there was no reason why I couldn't take them. I came back clear from the cardiologist to take any of the ED meds. My doctor sent me home with Cialis. After trying several pills I have found that Cialis did nothing for me, or if I did get an erection with it, I could not maintain it. If my doctor can give me a free sample of viagra or Levitra, I will try those, but doubt if I will spend any more money on the meds because quite frankly I did not like the side effects. Pumps are cheaper in the long run than any other treatment option. I paid all together $180 on the pump and rings almost two years ago. Eight Cialis cost me $40, if they did work. In the two years time frame, I have had a lot more than $180 worth of sex if I was taking the pills. The pumps are also non-invasive, so you are not pricking your penis with a needle, nor going in for surgery. Though for me, if the pumps stop working, implants would be my next option. At 33 years old, I do not see the need for an implant right now if the pump is working. As I get older, and still have ED problems, then the implant would be in my future.

I hope this has helped those here in making a decision on a treatment method, or helped you figure out how to get your pump to work. If you have any questions on vacuum erection devices and therapy, please ask. I will try to answer them. I hope to make a real instructional video on VED usage soon for this site, as I find most of the ones that come with the pumps to be lacking.

I am usually not on during the day Eastern time, but I will try to get back to you in the evening to help answer any questions you may have.

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Re: My personal experience with pumps

Postby Daveuk36 » Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:50 am

Have to say, reading that has given me food for thought mate.
You symptoms sound similar to mine, its the maintainence of an erection struggle with. I do get the odd morning woody, but not enough to be of use.
A great post.
Dave, 37, married guy, Sleep problems and meds causing ED

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Re: My personal experience with pumps

Postby rdpugh » Wed Mar 24, 2010 12:29 pm

One thing I have found is that if I get an erection or at least semi-erect on my own and have the constriction rings and lube handy, I can slip the constriction ring I use with my pump on my semi-erect penis and get a good erection. It may not be as impressive as what the pump gives me, but it is good enough for a quickie with the wife. No pumping required, just a quick dab of lube on my penis and ring, slip the ring on, and I am ready to go.

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