Shock wave and vein ligation - contra indication ?

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Shock wave and vein ligation - contra indication ?

Postby » Fri Apr 09, 2021 9:33 am

Hello to all,

I had a vein ligation 3 years ago which improved my ed situation and made me respond to drugs (injections and high dosage pills).

I wanted to try shockwave therapy as I am in a country where it is quite cheap and I already asked two urologists loosely if they see any contraindications. They said no.

But since I have had bad experiences with physicians before I d think about my "fears".

During vein ligation the veins get isolated and sutured with a small suture. After tiying them off there will be a thrombus/clot which blocks the vein as well.

Now my question is if after some years the suture gets loose do you think it will "reopen" the former vein ?

Do you think the shockwave treatment will possibly destroy the suture ?
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