Crooked cock? Try this

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Crooked cock? Try this

Postby DougAnd » Tue Feb 05, 2019 2:06 pm

For some time my wife and I have been debating on renewing our health club membership. but I cannot get over the embarrassment and shame caused by my disastrous implant surgery. Rather than trying to hide my glaring deformity i would rather not go at all.
Recently I've had a paradigm shift and a change of heart. For 6 months I have constantly struggled to straighten my newly crooked cock. For 66 years it was perfectly straight, now suddenly this.
Well for some time I've known that 3 pumps fixes the problem. And now that my pump has been positioned properly I still hang at an acceptable level. Simply put, it looks like a massive flaccid cock.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not really one to brag. But if it's a choice between "Oh,poor guy wonder what happened to him " or "Wow, what a whopper! " I'll take the envy over the pity any day of the week. :D
LGX 18cm+3cmRTE 8 / 8/18 by Docs Saracino , Prody of FL Disfigured by Implant. Married 31 years, Functionally impotent 2+ years. 4" day of surgery now 7" inflated after VED 6.5" without. Pump moved 12/4/18 by Dr Kata

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