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2.5 years after

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:35 pm
by tampagay
Well I am still down about an inch in length, but I have sex a couple of times a week and we both seem satisfied so who cares. Orgasms are difficult to achieve, but considering the amounts of psych drugs I take for depression, that is to be considered normal. Just being able to have sex is awesome. I have a wonderful new partner of 2 years whose age difference should be embarrassing, but I accept and love him, my family loves him, his mom seems OK with me. Who am I to argue?
For those of you new to all of this or are contemplating an implant, just quit worrying and do it. One caveat. Get a doctor who does these frequently. Additionally, they will give you instructions to reduce the likelihood of infection. In addition to that get a prescription anti-fungal shampoo, and a big bottle of Hibiclens and use them daily for 3-4 weeks prior to surgery. In my case I am a fast healer, so the doc should have removed the stitches at 2 weeks, but they were supposed to dissolve. Instead I got a minor infection and they had to be removed at 4 weeks along with a round of antibiotics. If you are anywhere near Tampa, Rafael Carrion is a god. He is a pain in the backside for appointments, but he's good.
If you are like me, a day or two after the surgery, you are going to look down, see the bruising, swelling, and not pleasant appearance and wonder WTF you have done. I promise, it gets better. Just STFU get an appointment with a doc who does a few hundred of them a year, and be ready to recover. You will look back and wonder why it took you so long.