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Re: Sizing of implant

Postby Greg1956 » Fri Dec 01, 2017 5:15 pm

Jamesbond wrote:It also depends on fat pad. But I kind of got confused because I saw 2 Dr's. One told me he gives measurement to tip of head other gives measurement to base if implant. Maybe I heard wrong. Think he was promoting himself over other guy who is better and more know for implants. He wanted the work.
I found out size of the implant that each Dr was going to use. Figured that was better way to determine who I would be larger. Also ask if using RTE's. Only U realy can compare.
Think that is also a good idea.
Good luck

I would not rely on the size of the implant the doctor says he will give you ahead of the actual surgery. When I originally consulted with my doctor, he thought I would probably get a 14cm and I ended up with 18cm+3RTE. With 14 he may have used RTE also, but that is still a 3 cm difference and that is 1.18". As others have said, until you are on the table for surgery and the doctor has made an incision, it is unknown exactly what they are working with.

I am 62 and had 30 years of ED. Implanted by Dr. Ronald Anglade in Atlanta on 9/18/17. I have an AMS LGX 18cm w/3cm RTE via a Penoscrotal incision. Currently 5 1/4” deflated and 6 3/8” inflated, 5.75” girth. Willing to Show & Tell.

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