The Ultimate Implant Questionnaire

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Re: The Ultimate Implant Questionnaire

Postby Lost Sheep » Thu Jan 25, 2018 8:51 pm

jackhammerdreamz wrote:Length is definitely a guy thing. We want to be big and bad! (hence my username lulz)
But really I can give my girlfriend a body shaking orgasm with a 4-inch glass dildo.

I'm excited to add my thoughts to this questionnaire.
Going under the knife on February 6th!

The nerve endings are mainly in the first 2 inches, rendering questionable whether a longer member is of any value to a woman.

Here's my take on the question of penis' length and its usefulness in sex:

Tremolo vs Legato.

A violin string is only 1/8 of an inch or so. Why then is a violin bow nearly 30" long?

A violinist executing tremolo does only use an inch or so of the bow's length. And there is no doubt that the short, rapid strokes of a tremolo conducted rapidly inside those couple of inches at the entrance of a vagina with a penis is exciting. A long passage of Baroque 32nd notes can produce a tremendous tension in music as well as in coitus. Think of how long strokes of a girthy penis gliding through that inch or so of heavily ennervated vaginal opening gives a legato sustain to the woman's sensation that can not be denied.

So, a long penis does have some advantages (up to the point of reaching the vagina's limit of length).

Add some variety to your coital stroking. Look up these terms:
not to mention:
staccato and

These bowing techniques tranlated to sexual movements may well enhance your partner's (and your) experience.

My point is that some bowing techniques require the full length of the bow (dick) and some are best performed by the corona, just behind the glans.

Varying your bowing/stroking techniques will excite your partner with the variations she (or he) will experience just as musical tonal qualities excite your ears.
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Re: The Ultimate Implant Questionnaire

Postby roninhouston » Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:12 pm

You owe it to Frank talk to complete this questionnaire after you get your implant.

I ask FT to answer my "Ultimate Questionaire". It was a 61 question questionnaire that I modified to get the answers I needed . You can search for mine under my name along with my completed questionnaire.
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Re: The Ultimate Implant Questionnaire

Postby DougAnd » Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:04 pm

defiant wrote:Hi all,

Personally, I'm in the worst place, mentally, I've ever been in my life. I am very seriously considering implant surgery. Therefore, I am doing my research. Extensive research. I will not be beaten by this.

I would like to ask the implanted among us an exhaustive list of questions that hopefully can serve as a good guide and user-feedback form for those of us considering implantation surgery.

It is a HUGE decision, one with many ramifications, good, bad and ugly (potentially). Therefore, I would like to be as fully armed as I can be with all pertinent information and it is my hope that those with the implant can use these questions to give the fullest and most honest assessment of their device and the impact it has had upon them, their sex lives and wider lives.

Thank you.

Please feel free to copy and paste responses in this thread. Knowledge is power.

1) - How long do 'most' implants last? I know this is a 'how long is a piece of string' question. Most things I read tend to hint at a decade.

2) - As I am from the UK, I only have access to one implant specialist. A Dr David Ralph. However, he is not the best of the best. Would it be prudent for me to seek the best possible option in the world, that being Dr Eid or Dr Kramer in the US?

3) Indeed, would you advise anyone from anywhere in the world to seek the very best or would local implant specialists suffice?

4) - If one were to travel to the US, would that mean all future revisions would have to be completed by the same surgeon? This cost outlay begins to make one shudder.

5) - Being (just about) 34, I would most likely require at least 4 revisions in my life (were I to live a normal lifespan). By the 4th, would my penis not be at risk of being completely demolished?

6) Would you advise against those on the younger side getting implanted?

7) - How do you go about inflating when you are about to have sex/foreplay with someone? I would imagine this vastly depends upon who you are having sex with. If it is a long term partner, the will likely know and then I'm sure there are all kinds of fun ways to inflate? But what about at the beginning of relationships or one-night-stands?

8) - Did you feel a degree of regret post-operatively? If I were to go through with this, I fear that my mind being unstable at present, I might swap one form of depression for another.

9) - When the implant fails, mechanically, do you get advanced warning? As in, can you feel the decline in its function? Or do you attempt to inflate one day and it just doesn't work?

10) - On the topic of mechanical failure (end of implant lifespan), typically, how long might it take from day 1 of failure until revision completion? Weeks, months?

11) - During that period of being out-of-action, does this time spent without erections not have a terrible impact upon mood, the state of one's relationship and psyche?

12) - How long does a successful revision take to heal and be ready for action?

13) - How have you found the general reaction/reception of partners to the news of your being implanted? Favourable? Dismissive? Nasty? I am of the firm belief that an educated, grounded person, a good person, one who loves YOU, would never ever have an unfavourable reaction. If they do, they are not someone you want to be with.

14) - Does your flaccid appear larger now than before? (Unimportant really but interesting nonetheless).

15) - Can one engage in strenuous physical activity. Of course this thing is designed to withstand the throes of sexual intercourse but what about heavy lifting at the gym for example?

16) - Have you lost length and girth? If so, how much? Has your size returned to normal? Tell me about the effects your implant has had upon your size.

17) - What effects, if any, has having the implant had upon your sensitivity? Do you feel more able to cum, less able? Has your sensation diminished at all? Tell me about this aspect please.

18) - Are you constantly aware of the implant's presence? I guess what I am trying to ask here is, do you have a constant feeling of having a foreign body within your penis?

19) - What effects, if any, and I'm sure there are many, has this had upon the quality of your relationship, (if you have one).

20) - Are you satisfied with your implant?

21) Is there a risk an implant surgery could be so botched or encounter catastrophic circumstance that you lose any hope of being implanted thus losing ALL erectile function.

22) - Are you happy?

Thank you, so much, guys and to anyone who answers these questions. I really hope this can form some kind of comprehensive user-feedback form for those considering this journey.

We are stronger together. United in brotherhood. Fortified by knowledge.


A few answers
2. I used locals and now am trying to be fixed. Not the case for many others. You won't know for sure until after you awaken. Good luck you'll need it.
6. Only if you plan on becoming a priest.
7. Men who have ED need to play with themselves (or their partner does) anyway.
8. My main regret was using a local yokel instead pf Kramer.
9. From what guys say yes and no. My pump locked up from the start so no surprise there.
10. I had to wait 4 months some guys get in sooner. 2 months I think is fast.
11. Annoying yes. Depressing no, it was a fixable problem.
12. took me about 5 days but it was only the pump.
13. My wife changed her mind after the second bozo. But she's supportive because it is important to me.
14. Everyone's flaccid turns into Godzilla as compared to before.
15. They advise against any sport where you might get hit in the balls.
16. I lost about 1 inch to 1.5 inches in girth. Very happy about that. If you want 6 inches girth or better go with Titan. As for length I was 7 inches last May did not need that much but would have been happy with 6+. At almost 7 mos if I do not use VED I will shrink down to 6 3/8". Using VED daily I can scrotal pump consistently to 6 3/4".
17. Same sensitivity but it makes my prostate work much harder. No more pre ejaculation. Ever. With ED I was down to one small squirt and 2 or 3 dribbles. Now I get at least 5 or 6 dribbles and an occasional squirt. If you want stronger squirts use a cock ring.
18. In the last month or so my cylinders finally got soft and of course my pump was moved so that now it looks and feels natural most of the time. Inside during sex is when it feels the most natural. :D
19. Snuggling is fine. Sex is superior by far.
20. Had they done it right I would be like a pig in slop.
21. It would take something unusually terrible to make you unable to have an implant. I might die in traffic too.
22. I am mostly and will be completely once I figure out who will do my revision and what I want to happen.
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