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Plaque (multiple + ossified-one extends into glan) + curvature (@45° distal) + ⌛-(hourglass)

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:09 pm
by whidbeyjmh
Can't say I'm hosed ( but maybe soon to have a reconstructed hose?). Sorry low "hanging' fruit!
- Peyronies has me with all those conditions in subject line.
// Any guys here had some or all of these manifestations?
// If so what procedures/strategies were used and would you and your surgeons- now aided by hind site done approached correction differently?
// Incision/excision and grafting (PIG/PEG) with or without modeling?
// Intracavernosal plaque excision vice PIG/PEG?
// What graft material to used?
// Degloving vice creating a "window" vice circumferential grafting as technique to access and treat plaques?
// Extending corporatomies to "blast" through plaques?
// Finding major approach differences to what I consider a balancing act to IPP with adjunctive procedures to be tunica sparing and plaque releasing/removal which damages the tunica albugenea as well.