Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

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Re: Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

Postby maxxxxx » Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:59 am

Sorry foto my bad english..I'll be fast..

Yes Cnidium,
Very Easy to hidden the inflating under the pants..Just a good time for practice and much time for complete healing after surgery (in the first year I was painfully pumping it in this way )..
Now, i inflate my titan within my pants to about 70% . and during the " game" i pump the rest..

**small trick in the first photo: a small hole in the inner pocket to better catch the pump with hands. Hall my pants have the hole in ..

in second and third pics, i was pumping my dick during play with legs of my new lover.

This night the third session with them...husband loves to
potograph my penis..
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Re: Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

Postby dcmusc » Thu Oct 26, 2017 11:17 am

I second Merrix thoughts here. I am in the process of weening myself off the site. I still come back, mainly when I have a question or hit a landmark I feel is worth sharing. But the point of getting this was not to focus on it, it was to get back to a great sex life.

My last posting was made with the point that I don't hide what I do in terms of getting erect. I am lucky that my erections still start naturally, so if if I get busy doing something else to my partner, I have plenty of time to pump up. Or frankly, I just stroke my dick in front of them and I am able to pump right there. I am sure some people have figured it out, but only one ever asked and didn't seem to care.

The point is, this is me now. I have great, I would argue, even better erections and definitely more girth than I did. The biggest drawback was me worryng about being different. Well folks, we are all different. If you have confidence in yourself, so will others. (I am sure I will run into an asshole at some point, but who cares).

I think it would be great if we get to a point where we enjoy ourselves, others enjoy us, and thats, that. That is my goal. Frankly, I have started making up for a little lost time. Its a blast.
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Re: Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

Postby TANGERINE » Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:51 pm

regarding the question:
hey tangerine--At what point did you start keeping it pumped up for 1hr+? I reread half of Merrix's log and it seemed like he was doing long sessions within 3 weeks. Until yesterday, I had only been pumping for 20 minutes. Then it dawned on me that I should have been increasing the time. So I did two 30 minute pumps yesterday.

My answer: I pressed Dr Eid about a cycling program, and he was not dogmatic. His recommendation was "twice a day at 20 minutes for a couple more weeks (ie, weeks three and four), and then just pump it when you need to use it" He did stress the importance of pumping it all the way up so that it is as "hard as granite" (I presume that is important to break up any scar tissue)

CNIDIUM, do realize that you have full access to Dr Eid via phone, and you should use that access -- he really likes helping out and taking to his patients. If you feel the question is not important enough to bother the great professor Dr Eid, then call his office staff. They are really experienced and have heard everything since many have worked with Dr Eid for more than 10 years. Sylvia, Eid's nurse, is a true gold mine of answers, and has a great attitude. I remember talking on the phone with another patient who said the following about Sylvia "she is really smart, for example, I noticed a buzzing sensation around my penis, and she stated 'Bill, now come clean with me, are you walking around with it inflated for long time periods ?' His answer was yes. Sylvia opined that that was the explanation for the nerve sensations following prolonged daily walk arounds. My point here is that the office staff really know implants, so feel free to lean on them.

By the way, as long as you do not develop scar tissue (and that will not happen so long as you go to the granite stage for twenty minutes), then you likely do not have to rush the stretching phase with prolonged inflations ???? There is indeed a gradual size increase over a year, so maybe OK to allow this gradual increase ????? Please be aware that I do not have studies to prove this vague notion of mine; and do know that SMETRO has cited a study which showed daily inflation is good for increasing size;but, I am not convinced that it is so important to push hard in the first month.
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Re: Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

Postby David_R » Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:57 pm

Maxxxxx, why is your penis so small? :lol:
Age 69. Prostatectomy in 2000. My urologist is Dr. Marc Siegelbaum of Univ. of Md. St. Joseph Med. Ctr. in Baltimore suburb of Towson. (LGX, and after regular inflating I regained my original length and girth.)

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Re: Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

Postby Cnidium » Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:53 pm

These are some really helpful and inspiring replies. I will try to respond to everyone in order since my post last night.


Heres the deal. I think it was worth investing in trying to avoid it because now I am stuck with it the rest of my life. Sure it will probably be great. But, there is the chance that it fails early, or that a future revision fails early, or some bullshit. On top of that, I will have to pay for all of this out of pocket until I’m dead. I don’t make a ton of money, and I never planned to. Before my injury I was set on making a modest amount of money, being fit and healthy, having fun, not caring too much about stuff. Now I am forced to come up with $30k+ each time I need this thing fixed. I can afford it, I can definitely do it, but it will subtract from my quality of life in some way. Either I will have to work a lot more and pursue better paying jobs, or live in squalor just to pay for it. Obviously I wont let myself live in squalor, so I have to work an assload and keep moving up the ladder. Also, dropping $30k every 10 years or so could easily affect a family (if I have one) in the future. What things or quality of life may I not be able to provide to my family if $30k+ of my money just evaporates every 10 years. It makes me feel like I really need to accumulate money. And I am. Work, investments, side jobs, other shit. Its really not how I wanted to live my life, but its how I need to adapt. Also, from a very personal point of view, I am now completely reliant on the medical industry and technology in general. I know this may sound strange, but I really enjoyed saying ‘fuck you’ to the medical industry. I never needed them, never got sick, and I thought the majority of it was a major scam (still do). And now here I am, completely reliant on it for my sexual function until Im dead.

I think the most important thing for young males like us is to determine if we have venous leak. That seems to be single best reason to get an implant, whether its from peyronie’s, corporal fibrosis or whatever the fuck. I you have venous leak, then I would highly suggest just going off the deep end and getting the implant. I have not seen one single consistently long-term successful treatment for venous leak. Hey maybe I missed something, but I am confident in the advice I am giving.


Its always good to hear from you. As I have said before, you are the most influential person concerning my decision making around this.

I wont concern myself with the tubing since you are describing exactly what I am talking about. Like I said, I thought it might be a possible problem, but what you are saying makes it obvious its really nothing.

And ya, once I get to start going out again and having fun I will probably stop posting here for the most part. I just hit week 3, and Eid wants me to still take it easy. So I’m not going to rush, I probably wont go to a nightclub for at least another week or two, maybe more. But once that starts happening, and I start making up for lost time, then I can’t imagine spending much time on this forum. Until then I will post as much as I can.


HAHHAHA nice picture bro. Whipping that thing out next to her foot like a boss. Are you in a car?! That’s what I want to be able to do. Go out, be anywhere, do anything I want with my dick.

I will probably use your pocket trick. I can easily get to the pump through my work pants, but I haven’t tried it with jean’s yet. My jeans generally have shallower and tighter pockets, so I will probably have to put a hole in the right pockets. Great advice, man. And its great to see that you can pump so much with your dick still in your pants. I want these women to know whats up when they touch me.


I know I can call Eid, but I feel like reserving that for serious problems or emergencies. I will probably call Sylvia around Halloween to ask if I can go dancing or something by then. I really like Halloween, want to have as many of them as I can. And you are right, that office staff is amazing.

I remember Smetro’s studies too. I don’t mind the pain / discomfort if it means reaching my potential with the implant. I could slow it down, but like I said, I don’t mind. No pain no gain. Its an interesting test of will too to see how long I can keep it pumped to max.
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Re: Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

Postby Cnidium » Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:55 pm

Update day 22:

So last night I cycled again for 30 minutes. However, it was difficult for me to gauge how many pumps I got in. For some reason I really pressed the pump in, more than I usually do. I think I was getting more fluid movement per pump than usual, because by 15 pumps it was feeling like it was with 20 pumps in previous cycles. Anyways I kept it at minor discomfort for 10 minutes (15 ‘full’ pumps), then added another pump every few minutes or so. By the 20 minute mark I really tried maxing the thing out. I could only get half pumps, then finally only maybe quarter pumps in ( I could still feel some fluid movement), and my dick was throbbing like a mother fucker. It was a real challenge to keep it there for 10 minutes and not crush the deflate valve. I was laying in bed, squirming and grunting like some ape. But ya, I did it, I hit my goal of cycling for a combined hour for the day. I took some measurements during the second cycle. At a high number of pumps, but not quite my max, my aroused length was over 6.5in, maybe like 6.6-6.7, not quite 6.75. And my aroused girth was actually over 5.5in, maybe just over 5.6in, and it was looking thick. The best I saw in aroused girth leading up to my surgery was 5.5. So maybe the implant is restoring my girth to what it used to be before my accident. I didn’t measure during the max number of pumps, but that thing was looking extra thick, like I have never seen it before. Maybe, as my pumps increase, and my arousal actually feels better and isn’t forced while pumping, my girth with continue to increase. Who knows. Regardless, I am very happy with what I am seeing so far. I probably wont measure again for a while, since doing so is a pain in the ass while I am trying to tolerate the discomfort of my max number of pumps.

This also leads to an interesting point: how many pumps are we actually getting in? I am fairly certain that prior to my cycle last night that I wasn’t quite squeezing the pump as completely as I could have. I feel like I may have been pumping it maybe 3/4 of the way or something. That would explain why after 15 pumps last night I was feeling like 20. And, while I was trying to hit my max tolerable pumps, I was only barely pressing the pump in. So how many pumps did those combined semi-pumps add up to? And, does a person with stronger hands get more pumps in than others if he can press harder? I’m not sure. So maybe exact # of pumps is a poor way to measure progress, and that a more reliable method would be feeling (how much it hurts) or size of your dick if you think you are at a new pumping level. Anyways, I will try to keep track of my number of pumps, but for the reasons stated above, I might stop keeping track.

Sensations of being implanted, and almost all feeling of discomfort, were basically non-existent at work today, even less so than yesterday. I think Eid, Kramer, and others who say one can likely return to work after 2 weeks are accurate in their predictions. Sure not everyone can go back so soon, but I think if you are relatively young, eat healthy, get good sleep, and take care of yourself then there is high chance you get return to work in 2 weeks.

Peace out until next time.
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Re: Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

Postby geophd » Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:55 pm

Great update, looks like you're making progress. Looking forward to hearing about successful application of that thing. I'm hoping that will be one of the happiest days in your life. I remember reading youngwithed's posts and seeing you get stoked and laughing because I felt the same way. A wave of hope washed over me.

I agree, fuck the medical industry/health care system. Is the industry a scam? Yes. Are modern medicine/medical procedures a scam, No. Modern medicine put a penile implant in you that you are going to use to happily smash with for the rest of your life. WTF!?!? Makes my brain explode to think that this is possible.

I think cost is a great discussion. It's one of the things I fear. One of us is mistaken about this and it's important to clear this up. The device has a lifetime warranty, right? Presumably this means you will never pay for a new device, if they stop producing that device I imagine they will just rollover your warranty to the new model? This is worth contacting Coloplast about so you can plan for finances accordingly. I believe the device is about half the price? So now we have ~15k each 10 or so years? This includes surgeon's fee and hospital. Importantly, I believe you have an opportunity to pursue a health insurance provider that Dr. Eid or whoever you'd like will accept? Might be a little more expensive but honestly having good health insurance is very important, whether you hate the medical industry or not... Fuck, no one knows when they're going to injure their dick and need a penile implant! That will likely cover ~80% of this cost if Eid is a preferred provider/in-network. Or you could get one that will cover 100%. If I were you I think I would be finding a plan that covers Eid and be on that until he retires, then Kramer until he retires, and then the new hotshot.

Where is my logic wrong, because if it is wrong I need to fucking know and I think you do to. Maybe what the worry should be is what your monthly health insurance premium will be now for an insurer that covers Eid or Kramer or whoever you are comfortable with making the revisions going into the future. And probably only 3 revisions (or less hopefully) until you're 65 and on medicare and that will cover it.

With my logic, please correct me if I'm wrong,

worst case scenario you'll pay ~45k total until you are on medicare
best case scenario you'll pay ~10-15k out of pocket total until you are medicare, but you will also pay monthly health insurance premiums (but it's not bad to have for all health issues). You said you only had catastrophe insurance up until now, I'd upgrade.

So in the future you will be buying a Mercedes (worst case) or a Honda Fit (best case).

Question: Dr. Eid's I'll wave my fee if it breaks in 10 years thing, what about if he replaces it in 11 years does he give the same 10 year offer?

Totally agree about venous leak, if you have it, it ain't gettin' better. You are shackled to pills forever, that's what I'm afraid of and it feels like I have a mild/moderate one right now and I'm trying to keep up with the leak all the time, stimulation, kegels, etc. It sucks. Although, none of the 4 urologists I've seen would do a fucking doppler ultrasound, they said it should get better, not worth it... Why is it so hard to get doctors to perform this procedure? If there's a leak after 1 year I'm done, I'm doing it. Leak and deformity? Last year I smashing, this year my dick is a little bitch.
Peyronie's: 6 months, indents cause loss of 0.5 inches of girth, fibrosis growing, caused ED.
ED: 10mg Cialis daily, getting headaches, not interested in VED/injections.
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Re: Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

Postby Cnidium » Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:35 pm


Yes you are kind of right with the costs. I was a little cynical in my thinking when I wrote that and was mentally planning for the worst. So you are warrantied with the implant, but its not half the costs. its about $8.5k of the about $27k, which does not include travel, food, time of work, other bullshit. So total cost for EVERYTHING for me was ~$30k. So that would leave $21.5k left. Eid does waive his fee if it breaks before the 10 year mark, I'm not sure if he will be generous and extend that one year past. His fee is $14.5k, leaving $7k total expenses left, not bad at all! But this is assuming that your implant breaks within 10 years, that Eid is still in practice, and that the warranty is legit (to be fair I don't actually have a copy of any warranty stating the implant will be replaced, only a promise for Eid and the experience of members here). So there is a lot of room for these $7k to increase, but likely it will not cost near the initial $30k. Like I said I was planning worst case scenario, which I think is important. I don't want to get caught by surprise and either be in a difficult financial situation or be without a functioning dick.

However, I do think you might not be aware of health insurance costs and availability. As of right now, my basic obamacare health insurance, which doesn't cover shit for penile implants, only covers a select few doctors in the Cleveland area after I pay $7.5k out of pocket (assuming an accident), Starting next year it will cost $205 a month. That means, by the time I am 65, and if there are no increases in my health insurance price, then I will pay $93,480 in health insurance with absolutely no coverage for penile implant care from Eid or Kramer or whoever. There is no doubt that health insurance prices for the same level of care will increase at least as fast as inflation, as will the prices for implant surgery. OK so lets not assume inflation then, since its a constant between surgical costs and insurance costs. Based on what I could see on the insurance market place even plans that are over double my current rate, so $400+ as of now, wouldn't even cover penile implant surgery, let alone from a high-end doctor in another state. So, even with $400+ insurance, assuming no increases in insurance and ignoring inflation, your insurance would cost $182,400 by age 65. Since I have owned insurance I have seen my basic plan's cost go up $20-40 a year. So if we take the average of $30 increase a year increase, that would be another $13,320 by 65, for a total just under $200,000. I cant even imagine what insurance would cost for a platinum level insurance that would cover country-wide penile implant surgery with patient's surgeon of choice, and I doubt it even exists on the public marketplace. This level of insurance is for old guys, civil servants (firefighters, cops, ect), and guys with really nice private sector jobs.

When I go to renew my insurance at the end of this year I will check again what is available, but I doubt any such thing exists. And if it does I'm sure the non-inflation adjusted price would be way over $300,000 by 65. Assuming current rate of inflation, that could be well over $500,000.

But, I might be wrong.

So to sum that up, future out of pocket expenses probably arent going to be near $30k (adjusted for inflation), but health insurance costs are probably prohibitory and don't make sense for purpose of covering out of state penile implant surgery.
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Re: Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

Postby geophd » Thu Oct 26, 2017 11:38 pm

You are right, I'm unfamiliar with health insurance premiums right now. As a graduate student my health insurance is paid through a fellowship but checking now I see the annual rate is $3300 so ~$275 per month, I'm right there with you. Searching my Aetna provider's website it says they do cover penile implants if there is a documented organic cause. It also says that replacement of the device is medically necessary and covers that. Although, you never know about your specific plan and then out of state and that bullshit, again the health care system is fucked up.

Your discussion of expensive health insurance is just generally important. We can't forget that penile injuries aren't the only shitty thing to happen to us in our lives! Who knows when prostate cancer, some other injury or condition that we have no idea about will hit. Dude, Peyronie's Disease? I had no fucking idea that shit existed. How many other shitty things are out there? Gotta have good health insurance, it's part of what I work for, a job with good health insurance. I am very surprised that penile implant surgery is not simply covered under outpatient surgery. Now, getting a plan to pay out of state/out of network doctors for outpatient surgery, that's probably hard if you're not rich. I wouldn't worry about it for 10 years but after that you might consider finding an in network surgeon to do the revision. Dilation and sizing, the hard parts, are already done by that point, not as risky, and if it's botched you won't be out so you can still go to world class surgeons. Ultimately, I would be proactive in having a plan after 10 years because you're right ~25k every ten years (so 75k) is a hefty fee and would be a burden, if current/future implants do fail in 10-15 years, they have no data on this, it's not possible to. I would try my absolute hardest to roll penile implant coverage into my overall health insurance coverage, even if that means my plan is an in-state surgeon. You are being cynical, once you're fucking again and realize you can fuck for 10 years without financial worry then you won't be cynical anymore!

I didn't write my question well: if Eid does a revision, does he give you another 10 year fee waiver. What I mean is if in 6 years you get surgery, he waives the fee then 9 years later he does the surgery again, will he waive the fee again? Or is it a one time thing? Just curious. I know you don't masturbate but you haven't been fucking with it? Crazy
Peyronie's: 6 months, indents cause loss of 0.5 inches of girth, fibrosis growing, caused ED.
ED: 10mg Cialis daily, getting headaches, not interested in VED/injections.
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Re: Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

Postby HEMAN99 » Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:29 am

Hi, we’re you able to hide your bulge on pants with Titan in flaccid? I have ams cxr, it’s hard to conceal/ hide the bulge completely.
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