Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

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Re: Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

Postby Cnidium » Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:35 pm

Day 42 Update

Ok really last update.

Hooked up with the same girl as before. Much of it went the same. Semi-pumped before hand, flirted and made out on the couch for a while. Went up stairs. Like last time, she used the bathroom before we started, so I crushed the pump as hard as I could until she got back. Gave her oral, gave her the fingers, but this is the best part... she gave me head. I actually dont really care for head that much, its alright. But, the best thing is, she had to fucking clue the implant was there. She was sucking it like the last lollipop on earth. She never touched my balls, she had her hands around my ass. I guess that was lucky. Started fucking. I used a condom this time, even though she is on the pill now. I fucked the shit out of her for about 30 minutes straight. Mostly missionary, a little bit of us both sitting up facing each other, im sure that has some name idgaf about. I actually never came, even though it all felt great. And I don't mind, theres been times in the past where I just didnt come. Main thing I was happy about is that I smashed her flat non-stop for a long time. Felt like a boss. While we were laying next to each other afterwards she kept telling me how happy she was with what we had going on, whatever it actually is.

Main take aways:
- It is possible to inflate without a woman noticing, whether its sex, flirting, making out, chilling, dancing, whatever. I havent even done the trick where you cut a hole in your pants pocket and I can still pump it without her noticing.
- Can get oral without her noticing, but maybe I was lucky she didn't touch my balls.
- Can fuck in multiple positions, missionary, sitting up, we also did us standing up with me from the back.
- I did all of these things without really thinking or worrying about having an implant. The entire night/nights with her flowed naturally with only minor strategic adjustments that a small amount of forethought can take care of.

I wont be checking for replies.

Cya, Peace out.
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Re: Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

Postby Smetro » Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:06 pm

pretty much how it is for me and H most nights except she loves my balls in her mouth and has no trouble whatsoever flicking my third testicle with her tongue.
Funny though, she's not interested in pumping me up herself and prefers I do it. Oh well!!! :)
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Re: Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

Postby robertm » Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:21 am

Cnidium, sorry to see you go. The stories are encouraging for those like me who are pre-implant and wonder what life will be like with an implant. Thanks for the informative and education stories.
59 yrs old. Gradually worsening ED for 10 years. Pills and trimix not working well anymore. Will need an implant in the near future.

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Re: Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

Postby smallbutsure » Fri Nov 17, 2017 1:45 pm

Thank you so much for your detailed posts, Cndium. I have personally benefitted from reading them. This issue has been so difficult to get through as a 27 year old, and seeing another 27 year old find peace is reassuring. I wish you the best of luck with your implant and in life, and pray that things only go up from here.

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Re: Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

Postby adamshea » Mon Dec 04, 2017 5:57 pm

Glad to hear you got your implant. Was our talk on the phone helpful?
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Re: Im 27. I have an implant. This is my log.

Postby defiant » Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:25 pm


Dude, congratulations!!

I’m 34 just about and I’ve been suffering ED with worsening degrees over the last 12 years. 3 duplex ultrasounds performed: the first saying mild venous leak, the latter two saying nothing wrong. Whether it’s all in my mind or not, I’m dependent upon cialis and my anxiety is now at such a point where I just feel like I’m in complete shutdown. The whole situation is ruining my life. So you give me hope.

I believe your tubing situation will resolve with cycling. And if not, as long as it works, who really cares man? Just be up front with women. Honestly, I think people are often so scared to be honest and don’t give women enough credit. Any woman worth having won’t care at all. She’ll love you for you and one night standers, well, whether they notice or not, and they most likely won’t, does it matter?

It seems like you could perform before this. Just about, but by no means satisfactorily, right? Did you not try the injections and what not? If I make the choice to pursue an implant, I want to skip the injection stage. I just don’t care for that at all. We are evolving as a race. Augmentation is the future anyway,

Would you mind taking the time to answer my Implant questionnaire thread when you get time? And what would you advise me to do? I’m critically dependent on cialis. It works, but I’m single right now and my anxiety unlike you; is astronomic heavily impairing my arousal process. I’m scheduled to see a shrink and get on the anxiety meds, I know you don’t believe in them.

I just feel like this is no way to live. I’m done. Implant me.
34 y.o, minor to mild to moderate ED since 21 y.o, 3 Doppler ultrasounds with 1 result of VL & 2 later results of NO physical problem, critically dependent on cialis, overcame Lymophoma at 26, ED causing immense psychological distress

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