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My two for one

Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2017 10:54 am
by Zxylpk
Turns out after 2 infections that are not related to my implant but to my BPH surgery which I had shortly before my implant, I'm getting a revision of sorts. Apparently it can happen after BPH surgery, that (my layman's words) sterile urine can backflush into the epididimis through the ejaculatory duct after ejaculation, which causes inflammatory epididymitis, pain and swelling and requires antibiotics. As a result, I have to have my epididimis surgically removed from my right nut. While he's in there doc is going to move the pump to my left side since my pump and my right nut have not been playing well together and my right nut is going to be angry for awhile. And, since my pump has been giving me problems which I've complained about ad infinitum, he's going to replace my pump. (Doc hasn't been happy with my pump either and it hasn't improved with time). I guess it's kind of a revision. Tuesday's the day. Recovery, he said, is about the same as the implant surgery. :x Bright side is, I'm getting two problems fixed at the same time by one of the worlds top surgeons.