Tubing from reservoir to pump irritating scrotal sac

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Tubing from reservoir to pump irritating scrotal sac

Postby revisionnyc58 » Tue May 16, 2017 6:27 pm

Hi All-
I am now almost 7 weeks out on my Revision with AMS LGX 700. This is second implant- first was done 8 years ago.

I am having some issues with tubing in left scrotal sac area. The tubing from reservoir to pump is in an "arc" pressing against the scrotal sac.It is noticeable- "popping up"- but not painful now. it was more irritating during initial healing process. I saw my Dr for follow up today- and we are going to wait 8 more weeks to see if the irritation subsides. Otherwise - I have to go into surgery and have him imbed/stitch the tubing under tissue - so that it is not "arcing" up and pressing against the scrotal sac. Which means possibility for infection by opening up the site...
From my first implant (with a different Dr) ---I did have some tubing "arcing/looping" in my scrotal sac- but I don't remember it being so pronounced.

Anyone else have issue with the tubing doing this??

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