My experience to date

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My experience to date

Postby C coggin » Fri May 12, 2017 3:46 pm

day of surgery 05/02/2017 i was scared as hell, certainly this will be the most terrible pain i ever experienced. The anticipation as i awaited the surgical team to come get me was pure anguish! I was awakened in recovery room after recieving my AMS 700LGX feeling like i had an urgent burning need to pee, Nurse assured me it was just the catheter making me feel this and to just lie down, appearently i was slightly combative trying to get out of bed and go to rest room lol. Hey when ya gotta go you gotta go! :lol: My pain level on a 10 scale at this point was to my pleasant surprise was only around a 6 to 6.5 (much less than a previous abdominal hernia repair)

Day 2 my pain was only around 4.5 to 5, surprisingly this surgery wasnt near as horrible as i phsyced myself up to believe. Nurse came in to remove my IV and Catheter, sucker burned like a mother when they pulled it out and i was ready for it to be gone! Went to urinate about an hour after and went to restroom to finally relieve my urge to pee i had for last 24 hours and it burned like crazy from catheter irritation. got discharged from hospital and had a very difficult time climbing into our full nsized ford F150 supercrew, note to others... take lower and smaller car!

Day3 Pain down considerably to roughly 2.5 to 3.5 still keeping ice on scrotum continually decided at this point no longer needed narcotic pain meds so from this point on only extra strength tylenol (4 at a time) this surgery has been remarkably easy on me. from day 4 on to day 11 i was basicly pain free somewhere between a .5 to a 1 no longer using any meds or ice, hot showers feel so good and help relieve the minor discomfort remaining. As of today on day 11 i am 100% pain free, the scrotal pain is nearly gone just feels like its being stretched and heavy. Hope this helps someone

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