Incision Care l Medihoney

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Incision Care l Medihoney

Postby GiRn56 » Thu May 11, 2017 6:25 pm

I wanted to update the members with something Dr. Eid referred me to in my issue with a small area on my incision that just has not wanted to close. The unhealed area is about the size of pencil lead. Dr Eid has ran me a course of antibiotics to be safe. I originally took the upper sutures out due to redness. I just picked up some honey based ointment called Medihoney that he recommended.He stated Coloplast recommends it in their treatment of wounds. Its used a fair amount in wound care clinics and hospitals treating burns, diabetics, and surgical wounds. Its medical sterile and can be put in wounds and used as salve. Its even used by Vets on animals to treat wounds.
So for those who have slow or non healing issues give it a try as its over the counter

The gel is thicker and is for deeper wounds
The paste is thinner for superficial wounds , IE Implants
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