Another 26 y/0 with questions

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Another 26 y/0 with questions

Postby Cnidium » Sat Apr 01, 2017 11:54 pm


Ive had ED for 3 years due a car accident which caused fibrosis in my left corporal cavernosum. Im approaching the end of my last attempt to cure my ED with a combination of mainstream and alternative therapies, and unfortunately its probably not going to undo the scarring. I havent' had a duplex ultrasound done, but doctors suspect venous leak and possible impaired nerve regeneration due to the scarring as shown in my MRI scans.

Probably in september I will book surgery with Eid or Kramer. I have some a few technical questions which I hope some of you experienced peeps can answer.

1. Ive seen discussions concerning the negative effects of RTE's. I think we as a community suspect over use of RTE's can increase the chance of wobbling and dilation of the crus. So, just to make sure, I should elect to have no RTE's if possible (I know Kramer and Eid dont like them anyways)?

2. Even without RTE's, can certain pressures eventually cause wobbling. Heres an example> I use to like to go to nightclubs, like every weekend. If I go dancing alot again after an implant, will having a girl up against me and applying ass pressure eventually cause the implant to dilate the crus or do some such thing to increase the likelyhood of wobbling?

3. Due to my relatively young age, do you think that eventually a wobbling or crus dilation can occur even with an implant with no RTE's due to 'norma'' phyiscal stressors (sex ect?).

4. Do any of you think that there would be any chance in convincing Eid or Kramer to use local anesthesia as opposed to general? Theres some interesting research out there now suggesting local results in better and faster recovery because of how the drug interacts with the nerves (Ill provide link when I find it again). Im also incredibly terrified about being put under.

Im confident in Eid and Kramer in preserving original size and the durability of the implant during vigorous applications. Im really just worried in maintaining a good erection angle, rigidity, and not wobbling (if thats the same thing as rigidity?).

Ill probably start a young man's journal once I get near booking time for my surgery.

Any input, advice, considerations are appreciated.

Thank you.
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Re: Another 26 y/0 with questions

Postby ED2013 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 12:01 am

1. Eid is more likely to not use any rtes. Yes.
2. No I wouldn't worry.
3. It is possible.
4. No.

All in all, given your situation, I think you've made the right decision to get implanted. If I had to choose between Kramer or Eid, I'd choose Eid.
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Re: Another 26 y/0 with questions

Postby alibaba » Sun Apr 02, 2017 12:19 am

I would not worry about wobble in the crus with no RTE (3) as it will inflate to keep it tight and stable there.
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Re: Another 26 y/0 with questions

Postby strongagain » Sun Apr 02, 2017 4:09 am

I don't like RTE's because of the erection angle but there is no wobbling whatsoever. Besides I wonder, even without RTE's the erection angle might be the same as now.
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Re: Another 26 y/0 with questions

Postby dirtman1993 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 7:51 am

I wouldn't worry at general as Patrick used a Gas to put me under due to phobia of needles and then did the needle trick. Had zero problem with this and no after effects. Have no ret's so can't speak to them. I chose Dr. Kramer due to procedure and what you have to do. No hospital stay (beds suck), no drain, very little pain as only took motrin for three days while using ice.

Had no desire to go to New York and incur the cost of staying there. Loved Baltimore and Dr. Kramer has always been there for me. Whatever you decide, good luck and you will enjoy have an erection again.
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Re: Another 26 y/0 with questions

Postby Cnidium » Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:24 am

Thanks for saying you would go for the implant. Hopefully I can get some more responses from members as to whether or not they would go for it if they were in my situation. Can you explain in detail why you would go with Eid over Kramer?

Correct me if im wrong, but to my understanding I cannot elect no RTE's. I know you can ask to have none if possible, but once they are doing the surgery and they discover, based on your anatomy, that you require RTEs, then they will use them.

Are you saying that you have RTE's and you dont like your erection angle?

Im concerned about general for a few reasons. Most obviously, I fear being unconscious while something as traumatic as surgery is happening to my body. Oddly, I believe I would be quite calm during the operation if I was concious for it as I have no fear for what is actually happening to me. My biggest concern is the possible mental neurological effects general anesthesia may have. There are numerous reports of elderly receiving general anesthesia and then losing mental capability afterwards. Now this is very rare in people under 75 or whatever older age they reference in the research, but that doesn't mean there isn't the beginnings of something bad happening. And since I will need revisions in the future, and therefore more instances of being exposed to general anesthesia, I am worried there might be a cumulative effect happening. Then again I may be wrong in this assumption, but I dont want anything bad happening to my brain. My occupation requires a sharp mind that operates intelligently under stress, Like many people, anything that can permanently affect my mental processing ability will hurt my livelihood. I know its a long shot, but Im still going to inquire about the use of local over general, even if it costs me a few more grand.

Some more questions I thought of during work today:

4. Have we seen many members here with unsatisfactory erection angles or wobbling with no RTE's. Is this very rare? Is there a clear proportionate increase in the occurance of unsatisfactory angles or wobbling with the use of RTE's vs no RTEs based on reports from members on this forum?

5. After being completely healed, would any of you implanted members think that having a girl dance with you, basically rubbing her ass into your groin, cause any undesirable physical feelings. In general, would you say your are more sensitive down there compared to when you had normal erectile function.

6. Many people here state that one of the benefits of an implant is that you can stay hard as long as you want. So what happens when you blow your load? We all know that post blow feeling where any further stroking feels super sensitive and basically forces you to stop. Do you guys just chill out for a minute then resume shortly after? Or do you just keep fucking away?

7. Obviously I want keep my natural size post-op. To my knowledge Kramer measures during surgery with a flaccid stretch method while Eid does the flaccid stretch and the artificially induced erection measurement as well. In general, can we agree that the vast majority of men who go with Kramer retain their pre-surgery erection size? Same with Eid? Did anyone here end up choosing Eid because of this multiple measurement approach to sizing implants?

Im sure some of you are wondering why I even care about going out to nightclubs and dancing. I guess that When I think about there is more to sex then sex itself. I like dancing, im good at it, I always find girls to go with more or that I meet there, and theres something incredibly sexually exciting about it. Its almost get a sense of freedom from it and I forget my problems when im doing it, Just like sex itself, it was something I wasn't ready to lose at the age of 23, and its something I really want to have back.

And just some deload on my part. Its been so difficult dealing with the feeling of having to reject girls who are interested in me. A few in particular that I see regulary at work and with friends. Over the last few years they have constantly given me signs or told me outright to go for them. And every time I have to make something up or act like Im not interested in them. And one of them in particular knows that there is nothing that should be keeping from her, and she gives me this look that says 'wtf is he hiding'. The feeling of having to reject girls that like you, that you like back, is absolutely brutal. Nothing in life prepared me for this feeling. If i have a soul then, well this is soul crushing. But Ive gotten through the worst of it. Having learned to handle my emotions and stress makes me feel like I can confidently engage any other problem that life throws at me.

But time is ticking, and I wont be in my 20's forever.

Thank you for your advice and support,

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Re: Another 26 y/0 with questions

Postby rahod1 » Mon Apr 03, 2017 2:33 am

HMMMMM.... You're 26? ... You seem to have a lot of concerns...understandable.
Just make sure you know how to ultimately resolve them, since there are are no simple answers ;)

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Re: Another 26 y/0 with questions

Postby merrix » Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:47 am

Cnidium, I like your questions. They make a lot of sense, and I had them all as well. Well, not the dancing question, but for me it was rather about being able to keep doing the physical activities I like, i.e. mostly heavy weight lifting.

I'll try to answer your questions. But remember that 10 guys here will never give you same answer to all your questions. There is no common idea, no objective truth. Or maybe there is (I like to believe so), but we will never get there since all are heavily biased by their experiences.

1 (RTEs) - I have probably been one of the heaviest advocators of the no-RTE approach. A lot of what I have posted about negative effects of RTEs comes from many of my long talks with Dr. Eid. Another doc may have other theories. I have also linked before to a ppt presentation by Eid claiming negative effects of RTEs on basically everything. Rigidity level (i.e. hardness of shaft), wobbling or hinge effect (dick folding at a given point, in this case where the fixed part joints to the inflatable part) and even girth, since a longer inflatable part of the implant will increase more in girth when inflated than a shorter inflatable part. ... ns/206.pdf
I do believe in Eid's expertise. But I also think it is common sense that less RTEs are better. We want an inflatable implant. If longer fixed part was better, we might as well take it all the way and get a semi-rigid, right? And if it was better to have half the implant non-inflatable, then that's how they would be designed, right? And we all can understand that the joint between fixed and inflatable will be a weak point where the implant naturally will bend if exposed to force. So we want that joint as far back inside the body as possible. Hence no RTEs.
Both Eid and Kramer says they dislike RTEs and avoids them as much as they can. However, based on data from posters here on FT, Eid uses less RTEs than Kramer. I think one reason is that Kramer uses more AMS than Eid (Eid basically never seems to use any AMS) and we know AMS models have an issue with the tubing insertion which often requires docs to use RTEs to avoid a high pump with AMS. Whether there is any difference in RTE usage on Titans only between Eid and Kramer I don't know.
But probably, if less RTEs is a main concern, then Eid is the choice of the two. Then of course there are other important issues than RTEs...

2 and 3 (Wobbling over time even without RTEs) - I don't know. And I wonder if anyone knows. What I do know is that Eid said to me that he did a lot of revisions on guys coming to him complaining about a wobbling erection after a few years. In many cases they had too many RTEs in them. He claimed he often could fix it by just inserting an implant without RTEs. That would make a case against your worries. Also, I highly doubt that an implant that is only inflated an hour per day and deflated the other 23, would cause the crus to permanently expand.
And I definitely don't think a girl grinding on your dick will cause your crus to expand. That sounds very unlikely, not to say impossible.

4.1 (Eid and Kramer using local anaesthesia) - I don't know. You would have to ask them.

4.2 (Angles and wobbling without RTEs) - I really don't know. Good question. You would have to do some research here on FT...

5 (Discomfort from touch, in this case a girl grinding up against you) - I guess this is individual. In my case, I would say I am more sensitive now than before. I mostly notice it when I am playing with my daughter. If she accidentally kicks, pokes, etc my crotch, I tend to be more sensitive. Can't say it hurts, but it just creates a stronger reflex than before. Maybe this is a mental thing. Maybe the brain is just not used yet to the difference feeling of sudden touch. And over the years, maybe this will be as before. But for now, I would say that I am slightly more sensitive for touch when my dick is flaccid. However, this is for accidental touching when not prepared. What you are talking about is another thing. I would say, that probably it would be ok. Because the touch doesn't hurt. it just feels different and causes a reflex reaction for me. But when prepared for the touch, and when it is for a longer time, I am sure it would be different since it wouldn't cause the reflex.

6 (Go on forever) - I seem to be part of a minority here. But for me, I just don't think this 'being able to go on forever' is very true. Sure, the dick will have a hard shaft for as long as I want. But that doesn't mean sex is pleasurable for hours of fucking. One reason, I guess, is that my glans still gets very, very hard. When I cum, my glans softens. And going on after that just doesn't feel quite as good as when my glans is hard. I surely can keep going for as long as I want. But normally I don't think the pleasure is the same after orgasm. If my wife hasn't orgasmed yet, I keep going till she does. But that is more for her than for me.
But for most guys with an implant, their glans doesn't get hard. And if so, keep going after the orgasm is no different from how it always feel.

7 (measuring, length) - Eid measured me day before surgery with stretch test and injection induced erection. I think this is for him to set the right expectations. In my case, what he measured there was what he said he guaranteed I'd be length wise after surgery. I also think it gives him a hint on which size of implant he will use. But for the implant size, the definite decision is made when measuring during surgery. I did not lose any length. I actually gained a little bit. Which is rare and don't expect that to happen to you. But with Eid (and other top docs as well I guess), you shouldn't lose any length from what you have day before surgery. And this is important. No doc can be blamed for length that is lost over years of impotence. What they can do is to give you what your dick is capable of on the day of surgery. Not what you had five years before the shrinking started.

And for the most difficult question - do it or not - I would say that if you really cannot have sex now at all, then what do you really have to lose? What is the option? Bringing a vacuum pump to your night club and bring home to the girl you hooked up with for a one night stand?
An implant has in my opinion, especially for a single young guy, still negative issues compared to a working natural dick. If an implant was better than a natural dick, then why don't men without ED get implanted as well?
But in your case, when you cannot use your dick for sex, then an implant is a fantastic option.

Good Luck.
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Re: Another 26 y/0 with questions

Postby robertm » Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:51 am

I'm curious why they (AMS/Coloplast) can't just make enough incremental sizes of the inflatable tubing to eliminate the need for rear tip extenders? If you need 1cm more, just use the next size tubing rather than add a RTE. These things can't cost very much to make. I assume the doctor can estimate the range of sizes you might need and have all those sizes available in the OR. Am I missing something?
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Re: Another 26 y/0 with questions

Postby Cnidium » Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:02 pm


So right now I cannot get erection without a lot of manual stimulation, seriously a lot and I cannot be standing. Furthermore the erection will immediately subside upon removal of the stimulation.

I appreciate the detailed answers to the questions. Right now Im leaning towards Eid just because he seems to take a few more precautions and measurements presurgery, like the injection-induced erection. However, if I was forced to go with Kramer I'd be happy too.

Ya there will definitely be some negatives to having an implant over a natural dick as a young single guy. I think most of those negatives involve potential awkward situations that can resolved with subtly or a boss/indifferent attitude. When I really try to imagine myself in scenarios with an implant, I confident I can handle the mental stresses that are associated with it. If, for example, I bring a girl home and I cant subtly inflate my junk, then I'd pretty much just tell it how it is and she can take it or leave it. I think owning it and not giving a shit is key. I mean how else should I act.

Basically, if I get an implant, my attitude should reflect how I feel: One day I got into a car accident and my dick (along with other parts of my body) got fucked up bad. Other parts of my body healed fine, but my dick didnt, and the implant is the best thing I know I can do given my circumstances. Ive made a plan and executed it confidently based on my options and the information presented to me.

This how I see a night potentially going with an implant. I go to a bar or a club with the implant partially inflated. I engage some girl, and she feels what seems to be a natural semi-erection in my pants. We talk, flirt, dance, drink, ect and then maybe I bring her home maybe I dont. If i do bring her home then either I pump the thing when I'm taking a piss or when were making out or when im giving her the fingers. If I cant pump it without her knowing then I guess im forced to just tell her what the fuck is up with it. Ya she might not like it and decide to call it off. But im guessing by that point she would actually be more interested then put off, but thats just a guess. If i dont bring her home and I get her number then I feel like it would actually be easy to bring the topic up at some point if I take her out. This is all conjecture, and I know I may be absolutely wrong in my thinking of how things may go. But, I think if the girl likes me, finds me attractive, and I fuck her good, then the implant may not be such a bad thing.

Im actually thinking of just straight up asking some women I know what they would think. I know some women older than me (30-40s) who I know like me, and I feel like they are the perfect candidates to ask. For some reason I think the topic of 'hey do you think it would weird if I had an implant' would be received with a more objective mind by the 'older' women than the girls my age. And I think these women would be more likely to understand the importance of discretion in this topic. Not that discretion would be something I would need to concern myself with once I get an implant. Im sure once I fuck some girl who knows my friends then the cats out of the bag at that point.

Ill post some more questions when I think of them. I want to cover all bases before I make a final decision.

Thank you Merrix and everyone for your input

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