To inform those in montreal

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To inform those in montreal

Postby Sirsarcastic » Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:12 pm

I went for my long awaited appointment today with Dr. Carrier. He's your typical québécois, alittle righteousness towards French in general. I'm 22 I have severe corporal fibrosis, he was reasonable and wanted to atleast try other methods before an implant. I told him that's the appropriate way to do things, but my case is different and is time sensitive because my penis is constantly losing function, sensation and size and RAPIDLY (I don't care much about size). He said we differed at the appropriate treatments, I said no I agree that you should always try other methods, but I didn't come here the day this happened, it's been a year and I've seen this thing progress, I study neuroscience and McGill and have a sufficient understanding of the mechcanimsms behind this auto-immune disease. (I'm not full of it, just he knows nothing about me I atleast would like to establish some credibility, I've earned it)He said "auto-immune disease? Why do you think?" that's when I know this case was closed. He thinks this is a simple case of peyronies. I took the loss and he referred me for a second opinion with dr Francois Bernard. This has made me more persistent and I will start looking into Kramer and eid and see if I can work something out with my insurance. This is here for whoever will need some information on Carrier as I know there isn't much out there when I needed it. I'll say though that he spent a lot of time talking with me more than I know he had. I think as a Dr with many cases it's understandable that sometimes he has to make judgment calls, that's what happens when he deals with over 1000 patients, it's hard to take their word for it. He has to start treating them as an average. My final thoughts are I respect his decision even though I disagree because I do think he did think it was best. Although another thing is his diagnosis was poking my flaccid penis, lol that's what I mean he hasn't actually done dopplera, seen it erect or anything that might suffice as sufficient information. Anywho hope this helps for anyone who needs it.
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