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Re: Kramer Time

Postby stringerbell » Sat Apr 08, 2017 10:34 pm

Another one of these things that pushes Dr. Kramer into that best in the world league- in mine he inserted some stuff called fibrillar to eliminate bleeding ( I had zero hematoma or swelling) and inserted stem cells for capillary regrowth and nerve regeneration- which guys are out there paying 1000s of dollars for, as well as a perfect implant with tips that are meticulously placed and measured. So it was icing on the cake. Of course I have no idea if the stem cells "did anything" but I feel like care was taken and attention was given to make my surgery special and my outcome matter. Honestly until it's really studied in a clinic trial who knows. But I felt like I was getting the king's treatment when I went to Kramer

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Re: Kramer Time

Postby ThePlumber1964 » Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:55 pm


Implanted - second revision on 03/15/2017 by Dr. Kramer, the Master Plumber

Model used - AMS LGX 24cm + 3.5cm RTE for a total 27,5cm

Pre op dimensions - 7.25"L X 6.5"G

Today 4/27/2017 dimensions - 6.75"L X 6"G (not aroused, which in my case provides extra L & G)

Getting there!!! :D

54 years old, happily married for 30 years to a beautiful & outstanding lady. Onset ED at 49. Finally fixed on 11/08/2017 by the master Dr. Eid with a Titan XL 26, no RTEs! Previously had 3 AMS implants (LGX & CX), all botched.

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Re: Kramer Time

Postby warrenw » Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:18 pm

Questions for you guys who traveled long distances to see Kramer:

    Is it necessary to get established with a local urologist before seeing Kramer?

    Did you need to get pre-approved by insurance for the implant or does Kramer handle that?

    After the procedure and back home, did you need a local uro for followup, and how did you find one?
Implant - Dr Eid 12/2017, Titan Touch 20/21cm no RTE, 125cc reservoir

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Re: Kramer Time

Postby longdayze » Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:55 pm

You need to send your records to Dr. Kramer electronically or fax. If not, call him for a phone consultation. My insurance would not cover so my procedure was self pay, 24/Was the cost. You will be required to have an EKG, Lung X-ray and blood work which he can do the day before surgery. Hopefully I answered your questions, if you have others you can send me a PM.
Good Luck

Age 58, had Titan OTR 18cm + 1cm RTE on 1-5-17. Blotched surgery, cylinders to short and floppy head. On 3-15-17 revision to a Titan 20 +1 RTE.

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