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Re: Revision 2017

Postby alibaba » Wed Jul 24, 2019 12:58 am

Tired and worn out from Dr. day in St. Louis but thought I would do an update. 28 months, 3 weeks on the revision now. I did an experiment again. If you read my thread and watched Doctor Kramer's video, you know I have a bit of a left curve yet and flacid, it lays left. I tried pumping it up to 30 pumps and slept on it that way at night. After 2 nights, it would hang straight and center as if natural when deflated during the day. It would take 2 straight nights to get it to do that. If I ceased the rigidity at night, it would resume back to leaning left after a couple days. I did these cycles 2 times with the same result each time. I don't think it would be possible to pump this thing up and sleep on it every night w/o creating a high risk for erosion, but it does show that keeping it hard for a period can mold a bent dick. I am starting to think that a high degree pump while healing would have a lot of effect if kept hard for a prolonged period. Cheers.
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