Older wise heads always welcome on Young Guys thread

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Older wise heads always welcome on Young Guys thread

Postby gollam121 » Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:09 am

Reaching out to older guys 40 plus and more to sometimes dip into the younger guys threads.

Technically I'm over 40 now but feel as a guy that's dealt with ED since teens to add my story and offer support and advise if I can?

Im always personally interested to know everyone's story, wheather it be life long (venous leak, prostate cancer, diabetes or injury.

I'm constantly concerned about specialised surgery which I did and want to ensure that any young chap desperate for a quick fix knows there not alone because ED at a young age can be very confusing and scary, so any older guys story who's dealt with ED for a long time could be helpful and even encouraging to someone who currently feels lost with life.

I know some of you already pop in and add posts but I think the more the better.

God speed to us all.

42 years old, Venous leak all my life. Pills worked but not so much then I foolishly did Scerothreapy (See young guys thread). Now totally impotent and just want an implant to stop me from completely crazy.

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