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Re: Any offers for sex from intrigued girls?

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:11 pm
by Mr stuby
Na the frog gust posted the other week

Re: Any offers for sex from intrigued girls?

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:49 pm
by QuestionGuy
I have to say that I’m concerned that some of the generalizations here regarding women and their behavior could lead to some disappointment (or worse). I just saw that 3500 people have read this post, so I felt I should respond here with some of my own experience with woman. Frequently women are painted as “paragons of virtue”, who will “love you for you” and don’t care about the physical aspect of the relationship. I think the situation is different for the guys here in long term committed relationships, with a partner with whom they are "in this together"..... But for the guys in the singles scene, it is different, and some of the concerns men have with respect to ED and implants are valid. I fear that when their own experiences don’t scale to this “rosy characterization” of women, it may be quite disheartening (to say the least). ED and all penis issues can be the source of great depression and even suicidal tendencies, and there isn’t much support out there. These things are more likely to be the “butt of jokes”, rather than taken seriously by most people outside this community, so I think it’s important to deal with the situation “the way it is” and not the way we “want it to be”.

My experience with women is that they are transactional in their mating strategies. They tend to look at romantic relationships similarly to the way men look at jobs. A number of factors are a consideration when it comes to who they become involved with. Since I started having ED issues 10 years ago, I have been asked to leave, and been ghosted by 6 different women when I could not perform. Contrast that to 20 years ago, when just as many women told me they thought “we were soulmates”, because I could have sex all night long and routinely “knocked the ball out of the park”. I think this “being upfront approach” some of the guys are talking about, could be an effective way of reducing everyone’s anxiety and discomfort, and honesty is generally a good policy, but also understand that this is not the non-issue that we might hope it would be. If the women could just realize what a “great guy we are”, they will surely work with us. Women fall in love with men who give them great sex. They are usually also on the lookout for long term provisioning, and therefore will overlook some of the physical elements, if there are other positive attributes in play. We have all seen women supplicate themselves, and literally “walk on hot coals” for some dirt-bag who treats them horribly, (but gives them great sex). We have also all seen women “destroy” good men, who seemed to do everything right and abided by all the rules.

I don’t mean to discount the analysis of the other people on this board, and I don’t hate women for their inborn nature, but I do think a dose of reality is in order. I do not have an implant, so I can’t speak to how to best navigate incorporating that into “your act”, but I have dealt with ED, and pills and injections, …..and I know that “at the end of the day”, it was up to me to determine who, when, how and “if”, I talked about any of this, and how I would incorporate the extra maintenance into “my routine”. The good news is: it sounds like you can be a great lover with an implant. I know you can be a great lover, when you need to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom (for an inordinate amount of time) for an injection …..and you can even be a great lover without an erection at all. (Casanova or some other legendary lover used a “foot to vagina” technique when he lost his penis function later in his life).

My point is this: although the sex you bring to the table is only “one of the arrows in your quiver”, don’t take it personally if you have some growing pains with all this, and if women don’t react/behave exactly as you had hoped they would. Expect some growing pains, learn from each experience, and find an “order of operations” and a methodology that WORKS FOR YOU, (and whatever partner you happen to be dealing with). Again: I don’t mean to disparage anyone else’s experiences, and I wish you all well. I just want to make sure that the younger men reading these posts will not feel like it’s the “end of the world”, if they don’t have the kind of “team effort” reaction to all this, with their future love interests. I hope someone was helped by this.

Re: Any offers for sex from intrigued girls?

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:50 am
by dg_moore
And the time does come when none of this matters any more.

Re: Any offers for sex from intrigued girls?

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:09 pm
by QuestionGuy
dg_moore : I agree. There is a time when none of this matters. I'm 55 and much of it already does not matter, as I have had a full life prior to ED and anything I get from here on out is "extra innings", but some of the guys here are quite young and some have always had ED, and based on some of the questions they ask regarding women I feel they are looking for some guidance from the more experienced guys. If I always had ED, I would also have a hard time knowing how to calibrate some of my life decisions regarding women, as I would not have a frame of reference to understand some things about their nature.

Re: Any offers for sex from intrigued girls?

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:16 pm
by Lost Sheep
QuestionGuy wrote: If I always had ED, I would also have a hard time knowing how to calibrate some of my life decisions regarding women, as I would not have a frame of reference to understand some things about their nature.

Talking to this gal about the current dating scene might be interesting.


"Cosmopolitan Magazine" staff writer (columnist, I think"" seekng to interview young men with E.D. for an article.

And, yes, Questionguy is right. I have been dumped for inability to have PIV (penis in vagina) sex and also know of at least one gal particularly interested in a sexual relationship with an impotent man on the theory that he would know how to use his tongue and fingers (or feet, as suggested maybe) better than a "regular" guy. I do not know how young women these days feel about it, but I do know that some (older) women (maybe maturity brings a more considered approach to sex) have responded with interest to my post on a dating site BECAUSE of my candor about E.D., courage about revealing it and gumption about getting it treated. And my current girlfriend REALLY REALY like to have PIV sex with me because of the staying power my implant gives me. But she is WITH me because I am nice to her both in and OUT of bed.

Women are mysterious, though, and I cannot REALLY say how she would feel about me if I did not have a solid erection on demand.