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New Product

Postby alibaba » Thu Dec 08, 2016 10:45 pm

Scrotal Zippers for penile implant recipients who need revisions or replacements. :roll: A friend told me to talk to his urologist and I did this morning. Friend thinks he is great, I think common, but the guy said 15% of the people who get implants need it revised, a component replaced or a complete replacement within 5 years.
AMS has a form to fill out to report repairs, revisions, issues with the product. I encourage those who have issues to report it. With luck it will lead in time to better techniques, training or products, or in for profit corporate America, likely a shorter warranty instead of improvements. ... -form.html
LGX 21cm .Milam 01/13/16. Horror; both service and surgical outcome. hated infrapubic installation. Kramer revision 03/01/17. 22cm Titan +1.5cm extender. Those who think their opinion is the only one that matters are a danger to themselves and others.

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