Cycling and soreness

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Cycling and soreness

Postby jonbaldbg » Sat Dec 03, 2016 7:54 am

Guys, I am starting a new thread for a new issue.

I am now experiencing soreness in the penis mostly where the cylinders sit in the glans. They are properly located about halfway into the glans, so that is good.

I suppose the soreness is due to the fact that I'm cycling twice daily for 20-30 minutes but I am paranoid and it does concern me. Dr. Kramer assures me that there is will not be pain past 3 months. I'm not quite at 2 months yet, so I hope he is right.

Did any of you experience pain when you started inflating/stretching? I think my clothes press against this part of the penis too when I'm sitting and that may be increasing the soreness a bit.
62 years old. ED for years. High BP and meds have done me in. AMS 700 CX /3.0 cm RTE Implanted by Andrew Kramer on 10/12/16. Involved revision to relocate tubes and pump performed 12/29/16 by Dr. Knoll of Nashville, TN.

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