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Postby AussieRjay » Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:28 am

Hi, new member here.

I am seriously contemplating implantation. If you want to read my life story, there is a wall of text on the introduction forum :)

I would be very interested in hearing from any other Aussies who have been there and done that, and specifically I would be highly interested in hearing from other Australian men in relation to their choice of surgeon, and their experiences with that surgeon.

From my research to date, there seems to be next to nothing on the web in relation to the above. From what little I can gather, there seem to be two pre-eminent surgeons, Dr Katelaris in Sydney, and Dr Love in Melbourne. Travel does not bother me, I live in far north western NSW so I'll be flying somewhere anyway, and another hour or two is neither here nor there.

Any other options? The only couple of reviews I could find for Katelaris were quite uncomplementary as to his bedside manner and approachability, nothing at all about his skillset.

There is nothing about Dr Love at all that I can find, other than his own website wherein he claims to be the highest volume implanter in Australia - from what I can gather, about 50 a year for many years. Leaning towards making an appointment to see him.

My other option is to travel to the States to avail myself of the services of Drs Eid or Kramer. This would cost, as best I can gather, somewhere approaching six figures and would cause me to remortgage my home to achieve it. Be in no doubt, I will do that if that's what it takes, but my insurance here at home should all but cover the surgery with some smallish out of pockets. That's obviously far more attractive - but if the local guy botches the job, I will be on a plane to the States shortly thereafter anyway.

Any experiences / advice regarding the quality of the local surgical talent would be most appreciated.
44yo, venous leak since late teens. Destroyed 2 relationships and all self confidence. Implanted 9 May 2017 by Dr Chris Love, Melbourne Australia - Titan 23cm. Looking forward to a new life.

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