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Re: Wife's perspective

Postby stanri » Mon Jan 05, 2015 4:07 pm

hebrewhammer wrote:Thank you all for your kind, affirming words! Zac, no worries on the humping comment! It made me smile!! There is and will continue to be lots of happy humping in the Hammer household!! Bigbadbrad, I hope all went well with your appointment this morning. :-)

--Mrs. Hammer

My day is getting closer...Jan 19th. Went for the pre admission physical this morning. A million questions asked, some things explained about what will happen on that day. Am I nervous?.......not yet. My son in law asked me the other day, why do I want it done. "After all, your 80 years old." Told him to remember that question in 40 years when he's 80. I added "I have friends with benefits." Not sure if he understands that. Too bad, he just might understand one of these days.
age 80. Prostate removed (cancer) 20 years ago. ED resulted. 19+ years did nothing. Tried pills, vacuum pump (HATED IT), injections worked sometimes, but not dependable. Presently have a inflatable, worked the 1st year. Not working for me now.

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Re: Wife's perspective

Postby bigbadbrad » Tue Jan 06, 2015 10:36 pm

Dear Mrs. Hammer:

Thank you for having the courage to post about this most intimate subject for all of us out there who wonder what "the results" might be like after our surgery. I heard today (Wednesday) from Christine at Dr. Karpman's office that she had talked to your husband, the Hammer himself, and he responded with his telephone number and said for me to call about anything
I might want to talk about relative to the surgery, etc. I left Karpman's office Monday morning knowing that the last week in February will be my date to join The Brotherhood. Like all of us here, I have some doubt but my research has led me to know deep down in that Sanctum Sanctorium where ones soul lies that this is without question the best decision I can make at this point of my life. Circumstances prevented me from doing this one year ago but that couldn't be helped.

Dr. Karpman was most cordial, intellectual, and stimulating in his exam. He was also very encouraging about his expected results after the surgery. I believe that he is really on top of his game today and that is why I chose to get him to do my surgery. I have already either seen or talked to two of the high volume guys in the country but Karpman is "the best" for me.

Tell The Hammer to keep working and I will call him soon as I am out of town visiting with my old college roommate at
the University of Texas in 1961. My how time flies when your'e busy with life and having fun!

All my best to you and the many men who have shared their experiences on this board. Frank Talk is properly named and
is a wonderful resource of information, experience and camaraderie combined. Perhaps I can lend everyone my experience when the time comes.

LGX 18 w/3 RT extenders 2/24/15 by DR.Edward Karpman in CA. ED caused by venous leakage for 10 years. Age 72. Home is Louisiana. Lost but regained by stretching, pumping. Now 7.25 x 5.75 and happy with results!!!

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