Keeping it pointing UP ^

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Keeping it pointing UP ^

Postby kbota53 » Fri Dec 24, 2010 10:50 am

Merry Christmas everyone; For those of you who have been through the implant process, and even for those of us currently dealing with it, I'm wondering what methods you have found success with for keeping it pointing "UP" as we've all been told to do. It's been one of my biggest challenges so far. It seems that even with relatively tight brief underwear, whenever I make a move, my partial hard wants to fall forward and then hang up sticking straight out. I'm constantly "adjusting."

I had pre purchased an athletic supporter but found it uncomfortable because of the swollen scrotum. Especially in that area at the inside top of my know...the crease where your legs and body meet

I'm at day 10 now, and my scrotal swelling is about half or less of where it was, so I may try the athletic supporter again, but I'm feeling well enough to get outside and do a few things now, but this issue continues to be frustrating.

You may laugh at this, but my dear wife found a long soft ribbon/rope sort of thing, which is also stretchy, so I'm going to tie it all the way around my waist and see if I can devise some kind of knot that will keep little K pointing up, until I need to go pee or something.

What has worked for everyone else? Jerry, it seems that this would also be challenging for you just due to gravity. What have you done?

Thanks in advance for everyone's answers.


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Re: Keeping it pointing UP ^

Postby Genome » Fri Dec 24, 2010 11:25 am

Go to Walmart and buy a few pairs of $10.00 compression underwear. They are on hangers and located with the spandex, skin hugging type workout clothing. They have longish legs and are relatively high waisted. They come in black, navy, dark gray. The brand is "Starter" They will keep your dick snugly pressed against your belly and your balls firmly supported. Christmas wishes to you my brother.

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Re: Keeping it pointing UP ^

Postby jackpTenn » Sat Dec 25, 2010 9:00 pm

I am allergic to nylon and spandex so I ware all cotton underware.

I found that the Jockey Pouch Briefs helped me hold mine up for the 6 weeks. They have what Jockey calls the H cut and the opening seam is thicker and cut across unlike regular jockeys. I bought mine at Macy's and Kohl's. Dillards has something simular but I have not tried them. I liked the support so well I still ware them after 26 months.

I wore a jock starp for about two weeks without any problem but mine was the pubic approach.

A gentleman on the implant group gave me the hint about pouch briefs after his IPP. That was several months befor my surgery. If you want to get real fancy and spend extra money go to I did for "date night" :D and found they did not offer the same support as the Jockey's.

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