Weight and penile implant is safe?

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Weight and penile implant is safe?

Postby nick40 » Sat Jun 22, 2024 9:10 am

6 months ago i had an implant but i am mostly afraid to lift weight so i don't get hart is there someone who after an implant had to work and carry everyday.,i want to work but i only find heavy jobs. Is there anyone who had the same problem.

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Re: Weight and penile implant is safe?

Postby newbie443 » Sun Jun 23, 2024 11:53 pm

The weight restriction I had was 10lbs. after surgery. This was because my doctor made a hole or hernia to place the reservoir. There was an amount of time I had to let this heal before I could lift heavier than the 10 lbs. After this heals, I could return to lifting heavier items I just need to work up from the 10lbs. You should be good now, but you might want to check with your doctor. And start at whatever restriction you were on and build up from there. You just need to avoid a hernia same as you would with lifting after not lifting for a while. I lift anything I am strong enough to do so now and it does not affect the implant at all.
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