Will high and low temperatures effect the implant?

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Re: Will high and low temperatures effect the implant?

Postby Journeyman » Mon Feb 12, 2024 4:28 am

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Re: Will high and low temperatures effect the implant?

Postby returntocenter » Mon Feb 12, 2024 2:26 pm

From ChatGPT:

When materials are exposed to rapid changes in temperature, especially from hot to cold or vice versa, their physical properties and behavior can be significantly affected. Both silicone and saline solution, common materials in various applications, respond to such thermal shocks in distinct ways due to their different chemical and physical properties. Here's how each typically reacts:

### Silicone

Silicone is a synthetic polymer known for its thermal stability and resistance to extreme temperatures. It can withstand high and low temperatures remarkably well without significant degradation or loss of mechanical properties. When exposed to hot and cold temperatures in quick succession:

- **Thermal Stability:** Silicone maintains its elasticity and flexibility over a wide temperature range, typically from -55°C to +300°C (-67°F to +572°F), depending on the specific formulation. This makes it resistant to thermal shock.
- **Physical Integrity:** It does not become brittle at low temperatures or soften at high temperatures as quickly as some other materials might, preserving its structural integrity.
- **Durability:** The material's durability and resistance to weathering, ozone, and UV light also contribute to its stable performance under thermal cycling conditions.

### Saline Solution (in a bag)

Saline solution, essentially water with dissolved salt, behaves differently under thermal shock due to the physical properties of water and the presence of salt:

- **Freezing and Boiling Points:** The salt in saline solution lowers its freezing point and slightly raises its boiling point compared to pure water. When exposed to cold temperatures, it will freeze at a lower temperature, and when heated, it will withstand slightly higher temperatures before boiling.
- **Thermal Expansion:** Like pure water, saline solutions expand upon heating and contract when cooled. Rapid temperature changes can cause stress within a confined bag, potentially leading to leakage or rupture if the material of the bag is not sufficiently flexible or robust.
- **Chemical Stability:** The solution itself remains chemically stable under temperature changes; the primary concerns are physical changes like freezing or boiling and the material properties of the container holding the solution.

In practical terms, while silicone might be used in environments experiencing rapid temperature changes due to its stability, a bag of saline solution would need to be carefully managed to avoid physical damage from expansion or contraction, as well as to prevent freezing or overheating, depending on the specific application and environmental conditions.
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Re: Will high and low temperatures effect the implant?

Postby Lost Sheep » Mon Feb 12, 2024 6:58 pm

Worthwhile to note that the reservoir is inside the man's abdomen and thus protected from thermal shock. It lives in a very narrow range. Lowest temperature it is likely to experience is in the 80s (Fahrenheit) anything lower will kill the man. Highest temperature is certainly below 115 Fahrenheit. Anything higher will kill the man. Likewise, neither jumping in freezing water or a hot tub could possibly change a man's core temperature fast enough to be called "thermal shock". Skin temperature is another thin entirely and going from a 350 degree sauna to a snowbank is certainly shocking. But the man's internal temperature changes little.
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