Insurance has denied implant

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Re: Insurance has denied implant

Postby October26 » Thu May 25, 2023 10:24 pm

cth524 wrote:Ok so as you read my insurance has denied my implant. I have cigna through my work but they use evicore I guess as a final say. I have been back and forth between different people with different answers as to if it would be approved or not. They say that evicore says it's not medically necessary when it is. I had a radical Prostatectomy done for prostate cancer almost 2 years ago. That's 2 years with Ed that nothing has seemed to help but maybe injections. I hate them cause they are causing so much scar tissue it's making my dick look deformed.
Cigna says my plan doesn't cover implants but they say my dr can argue the fact its necessary. This is all so upsetting because I thought this would be my end to ed and move on with life. I'm 53 and single and would love to met someone one day and enjoy life with. I sometimes wish I had kept my prostate cancer and died from it then to live with Ed all my life now and die from loneliness.

United Healthcare denied my procedure bc it was expressly excluded. I appealed and they promptly agreed to pay for it. I suggest you do some research about their coverages and the definition of medically necessary. Good luck.
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