Rigicon Malleable implants

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Rigicon Malleable implants

Postby easymoney » Mon May 22, 2023 9:34 am

Hello, I'm going to be doing the Rigicon malleable implant at the end of June 2023. There does not seem to be a lot of info about them anywhere except over in India. They are using the Rigicon due to health issues and age instead of a pump type. Does anyone on here have any insights or experiences with the implant or a malleable implant period? I'm 69 in the US state of Fl. .. USF who is doing my surgery leans hard in using the Rigicon for many patients but I have heard the satisfaction rate is lower then the inflatable implant. I am afraid of losing length and girth since I'm a grower and not a shower. Being overweight with the old age fat pad you lose some length also. I do use a vacuum pump each day to keep him stretched out and the tissue pliable. I'm concerned about healing ..concealing ... overall use and satisfaction of these types of implants. .. Thank look forward to someone on here having some experience.

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