Pro tip: when you're cycling to the max and

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Pro tip: when you're cycling to the max and

Postby Jage64 » Tue May 09, 2023 4:22 pm

get in the shower with your wife, be careful she doesn't use her womanly ways to make you think it'd be a really good idea she sit on it.

A few hours later I'm still feeling soreness in the tip. 100% worth it, but back on a dose of Advil to take the edge off. I keep telling myself that the doctor said the best cycling routine is to use it as designed. ;)
2/22/23 AMS 700 CX 21cm + 1.5cm RTEs. 58 yrs old, wife of 37 yrs. Penoscrotal incision. 100ml Conceal reservoir. Dr. Clavell in Houston, TX. Pills failing and went right to implant, skipped the injections.

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