Should I or Should I not

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Should I or Should I not

Postby bama1gem » Sun Nov 18, 2012 11:29 pm

I have been on here for a few months and enjoy seeing people help each other to achieve our common goal by what ever means. I am 64 and have good insurance, the most I could be out on a surgery is $2000. and that would cover all my medical for a year. I will go on medicare I assume next July when I turn 65. I know nothing about medicare, but my other insurance will be my backup after that, not sure how good it is going to cover in that situation, not as well I am sure. So I am trying to decide if I should go ahead and get an implant while I have good coverage. On the other hand, I am probably not really in bad enough shape where I really need an implant at this time. Viagra works, although not as good as it used to, I have a pump with the elastic rings which works with the erection part, but I have never tried them during sex. I am concerned about being able to ejaculate.. If that thing keeps blood in, how is it going to let me ejaculate.. I'm sure it works or people wouldn't use them.

I believe part of my erection problem with the Viagra is that my wife is disabled and can only get in an acceptable position for a limited length of time and I have a mental block as if we are approaching that time limit or not. Then it just doesn't work for either of us. So, we mainly just abstain from having sex. I have never tried anything else besides Viagra or Cilis and the thought sticking needles in my penis scares the living crap out of me, don't even want to think of that as an option.

Just a couple of questions for those of you who have an implant:
1. Can you tell it is in there in your daily activities? Any discomfort?
2. I am about 6" and from what I read, about 50% of you loose an inch, and about 50% don't. Can the doctor do anything about that, or does he just have to work with what he has...LOL
3. Any other negatives besides the pain? I have had cysts removed from my scrotum 3 times and a vasectomy, so surgery in that area is nothing new to me.

All comments welcome:
Thanks, Bama

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Re: Should I or Should I not

Postby radiodec » Mon Nov 19, 2012 7:46 am


I am currently recovering from implant surgery at day 12. Pain has been minimal, discomfort mild, given a little adjustment time I do not believe that I will notice anything with daily activities.

During the recovery period, things might be different; my implant has been left at a couple of pumps for the entire time now, and I do notice that. There has been some mild burning at my scrotal incision site and some feeling like razor rash inside my scrotom but nothing severe. I had extensive scar tissue in that area from previous surgeries so there is more healing that would be the "normal" case.

Lenth loss is very often from before some event like a Radical Prosttectomy to after implant. RP surgery has the high probability of an about 1 to 1.5 inch length loss. Other surgeries can do the same. From what I have been able to piece together sofar I will lose nothing of my pre-implant length. My pre-RP length will be a question as I didn]t take good measurements then and it will take time to build back to that point. Simple answer, a good urologist experienced in the implant procedure will leave you with a length that is as close to your original as possible. In other words your penis will determine.

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Re: Should I or Should I not

Postby Bionic_by_AMS » Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:10 am

bama1gem wrote:but I have never tried them during sex. I am concerned about being able to ejaculate

Osborn makes constriction rings that are designed so that you can ejaculate ... simply Google: osborn erection ring

Now since Viagra takes about an hour to take effect (on empty stomach only) wait a while ... then use your pump to get things started. Once you have a suitable erection, place the Osborn ring on ... this should give you about 30 minutes before you need to remove the ring.

Viagra has about a four hour usable window, so you can repeat the process as needed. Hopefully this way you can find an acceptable position for you and your partner ... just don't leave the ring on for more than 30 minutes at a time. (the glans/head tend to get cold from lack of blood flow)

As for you Insurance question ... you can have your Urologist check to see if you are covered now ...

1. Can you tell it is in there in your daily activities? Any discomfort?

There is no limit to your daily activities ... and no there is no discomfort ...
2. I am about 6" and from what I read, about 50% of you loose an inch, and about 50% don't.

That's a myth ... yes some guys lose size but this is usually from some pre-existing condition ... (scar tissue, tissue atrophy, surgery, etc.)
3. Any other negatives besides the pain? I have had cysts removed from my scrotum 3 times and a vasectomy

The surgery itself is is not really too painful ... most guys only need pain meds for a day or two ... there will be discomfort for a while during the healing process. However you will find it is well worth it ... overcoming ED takes a huge load off your mind ...
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Re: Should I or Should I not

Postby bama1gem » Mon Nov 19, 2012 8:33 pm

Thanks Radiodec and Bionic!!

I am very familiar with scar tissue, it doesn't stretch like muscle, it has to tear, and having the testicle fortitude to pump that thing up enough to tear it is tough, I'm sure. I guess the doctor knows best with the instructions he gives, but I can't help but wonder if they just pumped that thing up while I was still asleep from surgery, the scar tissue would be where it needs to be....bring on the Hydrocodone!!

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Re: Should I or Should I not

Postby SteveTex » Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:50 pm

Bama, my suggestion is not to have the implant unless you have no other options to get an erection. You' re not at that point. It is not a piece of cake and always at risk for complications. With viagara working, plus the pump, plus injections, you have a many other options.

FYI, I used injections of Trimix for two years. It did not hurt a bit. Just a tiny stick and with the small needle, hardly felt. It seems worse than it really is. You should at least try it. At least with all these options your glans will engorge vs with the implant, it will not.

Good luck.
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Re: Should I or Should I not

Postby bob1138 » Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:41 am


I was implanted with the Coloplast Titan in December 2007 after developing ED Post-Prostatectomy in 2004.
The Implant completely corrected my ED and restored my sex life and the emotional bond with my wife.
I got the Titan Implant because the other ED treatment modalities did not work to my satisfaction.
The Implant does not impede any of my activities, including, weight lifting, swimming, biking, etc.
Personally, I would do it again in a heart-beat.
Bama, just as with me, the final decision is yours and yours alone!!!

Best of Luck,


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Re: Should I or Should I not

Postby bionic3rdleg » Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:21 pm

Bama, I would agree with SteveTex, implant should be a last resort. That said, as a last resort, it worked out really well for me. None of the anxiety I had before the implant with wondering how sex would go, whether it was going to be an effort in futility or not. No discomfort, just some things to get used to. Your flaccid length is not far from your erect length, different from before the surgery. You have the extra hardware in the scrotum. Both of these things, in my opinion, are trivial. I can be spontaneous again, which is very nice.

As radiodec mentioned, I had significant length loss post-prostatectomy, but no real difference pre- to post-implant. I had Peyronie's that developed after the prostatectomy, which was a complicating factor that really argued for the implant.

The implant is a very permanent way to address the problem, so you want to be sure that you have no other acceptable means.

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Re: Should I or Should I not

Postby irishguy » Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:08 pm

Bama, jut on the issue with the engorement of the glans,
from afew fellas im emailing it differs

1. some get full engorement naturally
2. some get partial engorement
3.some get engorement with a constriction ring
4.some get engorement with drugs(viagra,muse,)
5.some get nothing at all

from what im reading so far loss of lenght is to do with previous surgery or peyroniees
or a urologist sizing too small an implant to cover his own hole

also most the people (although not all) that had previous surgery or has peyronees or diabeties
have a difficult time with blood to the glans..

iv then talked to some guys that just haveed frombeing organic or venous leak and they get full engorement
and are absolutely delighted with there implant....

and last point from what im reading injections could eventually give you peyronees which in turn could take an
inch or two off your dick anyways

plus theres guys on this taking injections for years and there more than happy about the results

so bama what im trying to say is its your choice at the end of the day... and today youl hear from
someone that cant get engorement of the glans then tomoro the opposite...

from all im getting from this site is implants are a great option... apart from afew cases where im truely sorry for them...
but all in all theyv the highest satifaction and partner satisfaction rating of all the ed treatments...

so i wish you luck with your decision

hope were all helping you.
Age 31 Implanted with a 20cm Titan, Mar 19 2013, By Doctor David Ralph in London England,
Overall fairly satisfied, still need a cock ring to keep blood in the glans, which helps with penetration.

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