Possible AMS revision - different doc?

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Possible AMS revision - different doc?

Postby champ2413 » Tue Jan 24, 2023 10:25 am

Good morning.
Had an AMS 700 back in October.
Noticed divot/dent on right and slanting to right (was not there prior to procedure).
Doc doesn't seem concerned at all but it is clearly getting worse.
Also, pump is a LOT more difficult to operate and is 100% firm after 7-8 pumps.
Anyone else had this so soon and was it able to be fixed or did it require a new cut?
If anyone has and also has a referral to the new doctor they saw it would be great.
Preferably within a day's drive of N KY but am open to anywhere in the US.

52 YO - AMX 700 device

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