If you're pre-implant and feel bad, read this

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Re: If you're pre-implant and feel bad, read this

Postby frwmw1 » Fri Sep 23, 2022 12:14 am

aslanglobal wrote:I've had a Titan for over a year now. I had to go through some old e-mails from a few years ago, when I was really struggling with the ED. No- I wasn't struggling. ED began to DEFINE my life, my identity, my existence. Just glancing through those old e-mails, which had nothing to do with ED (work, logistics), sent a cold shot of sadness down my spine. I remember how BAD that was. I don't dwell on it now. Why would I? But pre-implant, the last few years of my life were completely different than now. Sure, not everything is fixed in my life. It's not perfect. But its a completely different, unimaginably better world on the other side of that implant. For you younger guys (under 40-45), have hope. Find the right doc, find the insurance, find the funding etc. Make it happen. Its not easy (God, I know). If you're American, it can be frustrating as hell with insurance and extortionist hospital bills (!!!). If you're European or Canadian, your frustration may be more over wait times. FIND A WAY. You will be so grateful later. Your new self (yet to be born), will thank you.

Thanks for posting AG, I appreciate it. Often this site just goes through periods where nothing is posted but complications, which is fine, but it's refreshing that occasionally we get some balance for those considering it.
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