Scrotal Pump Placement

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Scrotal Pump Placement

Postby DougAnd » Thu Jun 23, 2022 12:47 pm

First of all, when you tell your doc I'd like you to put my pump here, he's likely to respond, I'm the doctor you are the patient let me do my job. Worst case scenario like me you will be back in surgery having it moved.
There are 3 basic scrotal pump positions: High, Mid and Low. I think they are all ok IF YOU HAVE PLENTY OF EXTRA TUBING. So, my first pump was high. It bulged my scrotal sac and bumped during undulation. My docs chose to use a preconnected unit which left me no free tube. This type of unit is commonly used by all docs. Even after my VED crushed it down ward for months, no change. I saw a doc online who showed that exact same problem and said, that was surgical error. I had it moved. Just before I went under my doc Edward Kata lifted my gown and said where do you want it? Keep in mind that he agreed that I could not use it where it was. I grabbed my sac just above my perineum and said right there. And he did just that. I chose the Low position. But it is very easy to sit on my pump. OUCH :roll: Still no problems with lock up, ever. The Mid position seems to be very common. The only problem is sticking to your nuts. The High position keeps the pump above them. The Low position puts it below. The Mid position parks it right in between them. For the first few months your pump has the annoying habit of sticking to things around it. Usually you can slowly pull it apart. Some times surgery is needed especially when the boys are involved. I don't know but I can say that most of the docs in my area prefer High which is fine as long as you have extra tubing to move it around.
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