Cystoscopy question

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Re: Cystoscopy question

Postby cgdirector » Wed Apr 14, 2021 2:09 pm

A cytoscopy was literally what set-off (what eventually became) my Peyronie's Disease. I had the procedure done in 2018 and it hurt like hell. I had an adverse reaction to the "invasion" that set off a month of swelling/pain. 2 months after that I started to notice some lumps and a slight upward bend that was not there. I saw the urologist and he diagnosed me with PD.
Over the next 14 months it progressed aggressively. I started the Xiaflex injections in November 2019 and disaster struck during the 2nd cycle when I experienced a massive hematoma 4 hours after the 2nd injection. 1 year later and I was implanted with the Coloplast.
54 yr. old with PD Implanted with Coloplast Titan One Touch 18 + 2 RTE 11/23/2020.

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