Implanted guys who still had some erections

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Re: Implanted guys who still had some erections

Postby hope794 » Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:19 pm

As always, i will reply to anyone who commented. Tremendous help from you guys!!!!

@implant1959 well your experience is pretty similiar to mine. My erection is not good, 70% of it is just all i can mantain, unfortunately. Thanks for the comment

@Nadie123 yeah we can really understand each other, similiar situations, similiar age.

@Waynetho What you said gives me a lot of courage and hope! I would love to keep the sensation of blood filled hot erections, even if i'm aware that i would never be able to get an erection by myself anymore.

@Diver Down another great experience, i will see the link!! Thanks

@Txagq8 Same situations bro :( im really really happy that, finally, you're fine and can have great sex. Trust me, when i was reading your post, i was constantly thinking "wtf he's talking about ME!"

@ Masonjames Thanks for commenting with your experience, Mason!

@Merrix, great post. I've read the link and.. wow. Your girlfriends statements are a punch in the stomach, but i feel like those have been crucial for your decision. Actually at the moment i dont have a girlfriend to tell me this, but i am avoiding girls because of ED and i just fuck girls i dont care. So even if i have to masturbate to get my erection back, i dont care at all what they think, and just like you i try to fuck really fast for 30-60 seconds then i stop and make her do a blowjob or handjob to me and i get hard again. But sex like this is depressing, at least for me. They still "enjoy" it, but i feel frustrated. Most of the times, when i fuck for more than those 60 seconds, i do it (even for minutes) with a 70% erection, which unexplainably i can mantain.
26 yo from Italy.Peyronie's disease probably since 2015.Since then,penis bends of about 20-25°. PD keeps progressing. Moderate ED since 4 years and things getting worse.From pornstar-like to depressed, but still fighting for a solution.

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