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Postby Drs150 » Tue Nov 17, 2020 11:13 pm

Well I got phone call from local doctors office this morning. She told me the insurance company called and approved the implant! Still can't believe it!
Now just to decide if I have the local guy do it or go to Chicago and have a more well known doc do it.
41, married, diabetic (uncontrolled for a few years), pills did not work, injections did not work.

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Re: Approved!

Postby gjmjoe017 » Tue Nov 17, 2020 11:36 pm

69 yrs old married,ED for 7 yrs.Pills for 3 yrs,TriMix for 21/2 yrs.Scheduling implant surgery soon.4inches flacid,7 inches erect,5 inches girth.Coloplast Titan put in 11/13/20,Dr.Bozeman,Arkansas Urology,Little Rock.22cm + 2 RTE.

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Re: Approved!

Postby Ronn1708 » Wed Nov 18, 2020 2:56 am

Congratulations!!! I’m not familiar with your local doctor. I’ve only dealt with two different doctors and I suggest going to a high volume doctor with great reviews from his patients. The first higher volume doctor I used in the southeast operated on me three different times. I found out two weeks ago when this new doctor did the fourth surgery that the first doctor had cut my ligaments that hold my penis up when he did the infra pubic approach. That wasn’t suppose to be performed and at least he could have told me so I could have used weights to obtain some additional visible length but no now I have scar tissue and it can’t be repaired. I’m a scrotal approach guy. That infra pubic scar I’ve got is awful.
Okay I’ll get off my soap box now..... just get reviews from prior patients and not just the reviews of the most recent patients. That center of excellence is issued after a certain number of surgeries not based on the quality satisfaction from patients.
I wish you the best. Im about to have my fifth surgery concerning my implant Thursday.

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Re: Approved!

Postby GoodWood » Wed Nov 18, 2020 8:39 am

Congrats!! Whatever you choose I hope you can quickly get back to a great sex life.
52yo. Progressively worsening ED over 6 years. No HTN, DM, or related health issues. 20-40mg of Sildenafil or Quadmix (30/6/40/0.2). Doses have been increasing so staying open to the idea of an implant.

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Re: Approved!

Postby Vagabond127 » Wed Nov 18, 2020 5:53 pm

Good for you! Try to find a high volume surgeon. Research the nearest to you first. If no luck you may have to travel a bit. Best of luck!
Implanted with Titan 1/15/19 with Dr. Eid.
6-length 4.5-girth.

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