Any advise for my pre-surgical appt. tomorrow?

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Any advise for my pre-surgical appt. tomorrow?

Postby Up4Real? » Sun Nov 01, 2020 6:55 pm

Hello One and All,
Finally the day is approaching for my IPP on Nov. 18th. after a very long wait. I have a pre-surg appt. tomorrow and want to try to avoid "I wish I would have asked.... fill in in the blank".
Based on a prior appt with this Kaiser "Mens Health Specialist"/Urologist (that I was referred to by more than one Urologist)- He is recommending that I have a Titan implant as I have about a 30-35% curvature related to Peyronie's, which in turn was related to penile injections. I don't know the length yet or even an estimate. He has also advised me I won't be getting glans engorgement. I am very fortunate that one of the referring urologist that I have good rapport with is assisting with the surgery.
I have a bone pressed stretch penis length of 7 inches.
I will ask:
1. What is his estimate of my implant size or range of sizes and the penile length when healed (And why can't you make it bigger, just kidding :lol: )
2. Is there any special precautions that can be taken to increase the chance of getting as far into the glans as possible to minimize the chance of a floppy glans.
3. Is there anything that can be done to minimize the use of R.T.E.?
4. I'm thinking I would like the older / legacy pump. What are the pros and cons?
5. And finally, knowing all that you know after placing many implants, what might you suggest if you were the patient instead of the surgeon?

It is the high level of satisfaction that men have with their IPP that helps reduce the stress and accept that I can never know and understand all the details related to this procedure.

In closing, "You are the men"! that give me the courage to take this irreversible step and I thank each of you for your contributions.

Up4Real? (soon)
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Re: Any advise for my pre-surgical appt. tomorrow?

Postby 544kenmatt » Mon Nov 02, 2020 9:07 am

looks like you have it covered. Way more than I did!
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Re: Any advise for my pre-surgical appt. tomorrow?

Postby limpbiscuit » Mon Nov 02, 2020 10:14 am

I'm a bit out of my league here in relation to prostheses.
But I have had the unfortunate experience of having medical conditions that require medical following.
Here's what I would recommend:
1. Do your homework (and I can't imagine a member of this board not carefully weighing out his options on these important decisions.)
2. Write down your list of questions. As they are answered during your appointment, check them off the list.
3. Ask the questions about how to follow up if things don't go according to plans. Write down the answers. This might include details about pain management. What will aftercare be like?
4. I would ask if there is anything else the doctor recommends.
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Re: Any advise for my pre-surgical appt. tomorrow?

Postby alfa88 » Mon Nov 02, 2020 10:33 am

If they have such a thing get a list of post operation instructions. Either that or take notes. The day of and after after my surgery I was so befuddled with all the excitement anything that was being told to me went in one ear and out the other without being registered.
For me the worst part of the ordeal was the catheter. The 2nd was the 1st pee after it's removal. Pain, for me, was pretty manageable with extra strength Tylenol and diminished after 2 weeks.
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