infrapubic or penoscrotal

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Re: infrapubic or penoscrotal

Postby Ronn1708 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 10:06 pm

yeah sort of but I dont tell everyone I got an implant. :/

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Re: infrapubic or penoscrotal

Postby newbie443 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 10:38 pm

This is another personal choice. The infrapubic is said to be easier for reservoir placement but more difficult for pump placement. The penoscrotal is the opposite. Better for pump placement more difficult for reservoir. And as you said there are nerves up top to deal with. And I have seen 2 incisions for infrapbic but I just had one for penoscrotal. I had very little pain, bruising, or swelling. Just used Tylenol and Motrin and never needed a pain pill I had. Even in the hospital right after surgery. If you have a really good doctor then either should be ok. I just didn't like the idea of there being nerves that could be a problem and all the tubes on top. Scars are not a problem for me but they can be for some. And I had some scrotal webbing that needed to be trimmed.

A couple of good questions to ask both doctors. First is do they put in a drain during surgery and if so when does it come out. Another is how long they each leave you inflated after surgery and when do you start cycling. I was a few days shy of 3 weeks before I deflated and started cycling. No trouble at all from scrotal swelling or pain. But there can be problems with both. Just get the best doctor you can. Might even ask to speak to patient's of both doctors and do a search on both on this site.
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Re: infrapubic or penoscrotal

Postby stephen54 » Tue Sep 22, 2020 7:45 am

rocco84 wrote:Hello I am in contact with 2 surgeons for my implant.

Both of them are real good surgeons. Only thing which is different is that one of them is only doing it infrapubic and the other penoscrotal.

I guess the penoscrotal version is more painful after surgery but when healed everything will be better.
And I guess the infrapubic installation is only for the surgeon to get it in there FASTER and EASIER.

Would be great if a infrapubic an an penoscrotal patient can just tell me some infos!

I am also interested if maybe the infrapubic installation reduce the sensibility of my penis?


Mine was penoscrotal and bordered on painless. Not kidding. I honestly didn't know penoscrotal had a reputation for being more painful. Certainly not my experience. In terms of timing...I don't know, my surgery took 55 minutes total. I certainly would not want a physician who was looking at the clock.

I still don't know how to explain my post-op in the context of what some of the other guys go through, and maybe I was just a mix of very fortunate with a historically pretty high pain threshold. In the end, my surgeon is I think just a very talented wizard with the knife in his hand, so as has been said here untold times - ask a thousand questions prior, talk to his/her implanted patients (I honestly think that is the single most critical criterion) and just intensely scrutinize and pick the right surgeon. I had slight...and I really do mean slight..discomfort for a few days. No bruising really. Some edema in my sac which needed to be palpated and expressed out by my doc on week 2. That's it. I fully believe the deep experience my guy has (he's done thousands of IPPs) was my payoff.
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