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Re: Ams or Coloplast

Postby newbie443 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 8:25 pm

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These 2 I found with a web search. The first only used 138 cases. The second was by a doctor that does more cases than that in a year. I would like to see a study with a greater number cases and not just a single doctor. But right now it seems more important that men look for the best implant for them rather than brand. Many things enter into that choice but 2 that come to mind are the expansion of the LGX for men who have size loss from ED and men with larger size for the Coloplast. Again many factors go into this decision. And should be talked over with a good doctor(s). All the best going forward with this. Keep asking questions and looking for answers.

Hello newbie, thanks a lot for your input! Great articles to read!
I am in contact with two guys who have an ams implant... one has his implant 3.5year... an ams cx,
and the other one has his implant now 13.5years an ams lgx.
So from that it seems an ams will be the better option for lasting long! And how it was written in Eid s article... Ams has the better tubing but not good cylinders.

Coloplast has very good cylinders but a bad tubing. Unfortunately the ams implant is so thin.. that s a big fail otherwise I would go for sure with the ams. now im thinking about which one to take.

Well not really not good in either case. Just better for the other. There was another doctor who did a video on this and both brands are good they are just different. Like men are different. So one brand or the other will be better for a lot of men. That being said both brands have the same aproximate life span. No way to really judge that as some use the implant more then others or pump up harder or larger implants requiring more pumps are mostly Coloplast. The Coloplast cylinders are stiffer and heavier. So failures of those are very uncommon. Those cylinders are great for straightening curvatures and for men with larger size. The AMS has softer cylinders especially in the LGX that can expand in size to help men who have lost size regain some of that back. And the softer cylinders are more comfortable and easier to conceal. So AMS has more cylinder failures than Coloplast. Tubbing is another factor only AMS has the better of it over the Coloplast. They both have a life span in the same general area. Just the cause of the failures that differ. Coloplast will after years of service have more failures from tubing than AMS. AMS will after years of service have more failures from cylinders than Coloplast. Both will have pump failures. What is really important is getting the best implant for you. I would think that you would rather have an implant that is right for you and you are happy with and use often. But that is up to you. Best of luck to you with this.
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Re: Ams or Coloplast

Postby SW0110 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 9:30 pm

I have had a titan loved it. Revision after a hernia surgery. Doc installed an lgx. Love it. They each have pluses and minuses but overall my penis looks and acts the same with either one period.

The titan cylinders were stiffer at first but softened up. The pump was more comfortable though.

Lgx cylinders were more comfortable day 1 but hate the pump. Way to big and crowds the boys. Easy to find deflate button though.

You need to worry more about finding a doc you like and trust and let him do his job putting in the one he is most comfortable using. My first doc used the titsn to fix my peyronies issues. For revision doc said I would like lgx better due to cylinders.

Having had both, I just have no perspective on why anyone worries about the model. Worry about your doctor. That is 99 percent of it anyway. My penis looks looks exactly the same at month 6 with the lgx as it did at month 10 with the titan. That is both not pumped up or pumped. I hang at 4.30 and 5.5 inches not pumped. Pumped but not into sex I am 6.5 inches. Into sex, i get fully engorged and am just over 6.75.

You might get years out of one model or other, or not. It stops working, you get it fixed. Pretty much that is about it.
18 cm plus 1 rte titan installed March 2019. Revision March 2020 by Dr. Andrew Todd, Richmond KY. He replaced the titan with an AMS 700 LGX 18 cm cylinder plus 2 rte for 20 cm total length.

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