Surgeon Questions

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Surgeon Questions

Postby Davegb » Thu Sep 17, 2020 4:23 pm

What are the primary questions I should ask when
meeting with a prospective surgeon for an implant?

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Re: Surgeon Questions

Postby LMCatman » Thu Sep 17, 2020 6:53 pm

I'd try to find out how many he has done. My first surgeon lied to me 'I do 'em all the time. I did two last week' and botched it! Good luck man!
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Re: Surgeon Questions

Postby newbie443 » Thu Sep 17, 2020 9:01 pm

You can go to health grades dot com and look up the doctor you are seeing. There is an experience level box down a ways you can click on the box and scroll down the list to penile implants, you will see to the right either May Perform, Normal, High, or Very High. When you click on that you will get a percentage of how many implants that doctor does compared to other surgeons for all except the May Perform. That means they either don't do them or are very low volume. All my local uro's are listed May Perform and each do 2-3 a year (according to my interview). You can also check the doctors rating and awards that the doctor has received. Check the doctors web site for information like awards, paper's weitten or co-written. You can do this for other doctors in your area also. I did this and recomend men do this before going to see a surgeon. In the interview you can ask the number. sugerial approach( penoscroto, infrapubic), type of implants the doctor does(AMS, Coloplast), how long you will be left inflated after surgery, will you have a drain, when will the catheter be removed, when do you start cycling, after examination what implant does the doctor recomend and why, does the doctor do revisions, what does the doctor do if there is infection, Lots more you can ask and there is a list if you do a search. But this is a good start. If you have had loss of size ask about VED use both prior and afterwards to help regain lost size. Ask to speek with a patient who was implanted by the doctor. Ask the patient about proper sizing. You can inter your doctors name in the search section of this site to see if there is any info posted. Most doctors do not keep records of infection rate but if you want to ask you can. Really no way for you to verify if a number is thrown out anyway. But if the doc trained and uses a no touch type or minimal invasive surgery that is good to know. That shows a concern to have a low infection rate and good outcome.

I hope this helped. If you need help with health grades or anything else send me a PM
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Re: Surgeon Questions

Postby Davegb » Fri Sep 18, 2020 1:12 am

Thanks guys great information.

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