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Re: My Story

Postby Gt1956 » Tue Sep 15, 2020 1:02 pm

Time2Change wrote:Noteas,
Thank you for the encouragement.
One question I have is about relearning how to be sexual again. I'm not romantic anymore. I don't know how to flirt anymore.
What are people doing to change behavior now that they can follow through easily?

That is a really good question. I'm going to presume that there is a woman in your life in my advice. This isn't a one day process. As day to day life goes on. If you come into a room or your wife enters the room that you're in. If you see any semi erotic skin, even cleavage would work. Give her a compliment how nice it looks. This gets the idea out in the open & might help to start conditioning your mind. As this progresses, you can try a caressing soft touch in the spots. A kiss in the cleavage might be good. Running you hand over her butt works. Always be gentle. You're trying to change long time habits & behaviours that ED has forced onto both of you. Try spooning for a while at bedtime, great oppertunity to cup breasts. Don't forget to mention that her hair, eyes or some other feature looks nice today. Even if she didn't change a thing. Women like to be noticed. Compliments from the man in her life go a long ways. Remember that it's almost like early in your relationship. You're trying to seduce her. But this time both of you need a refresher course. Good luck, just remember that you now have a superior dick as compared to your youth. Lot's of women like confidence in a man. Be gentle with a purpose in everything sexual that you do with her. Just like leading in dancing. Steer her, show her that you know where to go & how to get there.
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Re: My Story

Postby Time2Change » Wed Sep 16, 2020 5:30 am


Thank you for the ideas, information, and encouragement.

I want to clarify my question. Are people seeing counselors after surgery to help with learning how to regain their sense of selves? And if so, how is it going? What are you talking about and learning?

I have drifted so far from where I was as a young man. I'm talking to a counselor occasionally now. I'd like ideas on what to talk about now to get ready for a return to near normalcy come December (my recollection is a roughly six-week recovery).

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